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I know that a lot of you have a lot of knowledge about ANS, can someone explain please how your BP and heart rate and every other symptom that we suffer from, can vary so much from one hour to the next.

How can you be treated with say beta blockers for high heart rate when one min its really high the next really low.

Or even for example if your BP was normally 150/90 they may treat you for high BP what happens then when for the next few days even if you were not on medication for it, your BP then goes really low for a few days, surely being on medication to lower it in the first place would then make it really really low.???

I hope im making sense? as you can see im a bit confused.

Is it just adrenaline rushes that are causing these problems or is this how the ANS works?

And rather than doing a new topic can i just add one more question ?

Spelling of the next question may keep you guessing.

Catchermine and norephine levels.

What are they being tested for ?

I have tried researching but struggled to really understand what it means for somebody with POTS and progressive Autonomic Neuropathy.

Thank you for your help and i promise i wont start any more new topics .

At least until tomorrow.

Sorry why do our sleep patterns vary so much i.e dont need to sleep for few days then can sleep for week or two, i cant find any pattern to this.

Sorry to keep rambling its now four a.m and unless i wake my children up, i have nothing to do so i thought id research,

im very very bored.

Obviously you must all be on meds to help you sleep...... lucky you

Ill go now .


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Pharmacological companies have nolt developed drugs especially for us (except Midrodine) so we have to borrow drugs from other disorder and make the best out of it.

The catecholamines test your ability to stand upright. If they are outside the norm it means you are intolerant to standing upright.

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