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Er Yesterday; Drug Hangover Today


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Hi Everyone, I spent all of yesterday in the ER b/c of a migraine--it wasn't my typical. I couldn't turn my head without pain and I had shooting pains running to my jaw. Of course, it all hit on my way to work while driving and I didn't have meds with me b/c i'd inadvertently left my purse in my car a few days earlier and threw out all the meds that were in ti b/c they'd gotten so overheated. I hadn't yet replace them, of course...

Anyway, the ER staff were great. It took four different meds and two liters of saline, but finally I got to go home around 4pm yesterday. I also was seen by one of my neuro's associates, and had a CT of my head and neck just in case. They pronounced the scan normal,e except, and I quote here, my "diseased neck". No kidding!

Today I feel like I am so darned hung over...sluggish. Just venting because I'm kind of tired of being sick and tired today. I have my cardiac stress test tomorrow am and hope the lingering head pain is gone then too b/c I can't imagine jogging with the way it feels right now.

okay, vent over. Nina

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Yuck! I hate migraines! Mine don't get too bad if I can take my medicine within about three minutes of getting the visual aura. But, like you said, that's kind of hard to do when one is driving!

I'm trying to keep a water bottle in my pickup just in case. That's easier than trying to figure out where to stop to find something to drink so I can swallow my pill.

Good luck on your test. I hope you feel better soon!

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Teri's still cracking up about my diseased neck :P I believe that they meant I have significant arthritic changes as well as herniations all the way through. No surprises there. Dan, I think it has less to do with our mechanic and more to do with my faulty collagen--regardless of whether it's EDS or the suspected hypochondroplasia gene error, things have shifted all over the place. I've had intensifying pain for months now.

My cardiac stress test was one thing in my life that was perfectly normal. :) My ep cardiologist said my heart looked beautiful. Nice to have SOMETHING normal :)

As for the migraine, I still have leftover pain, but not as bad as it could be. I wish I got an aura warning, but I don't--I just get the onset of pain and light sensitivity and within moments, i'm full on into it. As for my ER experience, it was actually REALLY GOOD. The doctors and nurses were awesome and because I was possibly a bit dehydrated, they ran the two liters of fluid into me rather quickly. They kept the lights out for me, and when they needed to put them on, they covered my head with a towel. I didn't even get to wait in the waiting room--they took me back as soon as I came in.


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