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Who is Dr Abdalah?


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I've been seeing him for 3 years. He diagnosed me with POTS and has been my physician ever since...but I have to be honest, I think the care is second rate at that office these days. It started out great, but the staff now seems incompetent and they never return phone calls, you could have a real emergency and nobody would call you back. He is a caring and compassionate person, but lacks the communication skills that it takes to make the grade <_<

Ernie- I know you've been to Dr. Grubb and from what I hear he is the best...Dr. A is still learning a lot about POTS and probably isn't as up to date with the research, etc...but a good guy to see for those who live in the Washington DC area and just need someone to monitor their condition. He is actually a pediatric cardiologist.

I hate to say this stuff but I feel like it's important to be honest so others don't have to go through what I have (and other people that I know as well, who I've referred to him and now wish I wouldn't have). He did give me my quality of life back, but sort of left me at the door a few months ago when he got overextended, as many POTS doctors do.

Good luck :):):)

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I go to Dr. Abdallah and here is my OPINION of him.

For me he is a GREAT doctor. His STAFF does get very busy and sometimes aren't the pleasentest people in the world, but HE is WONDERFUL!! For me and my family he is the best thing that has ever happened to me, especially since getting sick. I ended up going to the ER 2 nights 2 weeks ago. The other doctor in the practice was the one on call when we called them and told them what was going on with me. I don't usually go, but I was having trouble breathing as well this time. HE called me back in the middle of the night when it wasn't his duty night. Anytime I call the office he calls me back, HE talks to me, not the nurses. He will do anything in the world for his patients. He will even treat you free if you can't afford to see him. He is VERY dedicated to this because his SON has it. He and Dr. Grubb got together at the lecture at the Summer Chill last week and they are going to start working closly together. Dr. Grubb's office is even worse with time and apointments than Dr. Abdallah's office. My family has found that if you try to make friends with the office staff, they are mostly pretty nice and likable. They just get overwhelmed with everything and all the people and Dr. Abdallah ALWAYS being late. And the parents end up getting mad at THEM for Doc A being late, but he's late because he takes EXTRA time with each and every person. He really is the best thing for me and my family and I would still reccomend ANYONE going to see him. This is my opinion and I don't want any argument or anything started due to differing opinions on this subject, please.

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My goal here is not to start a debate on the topic, but I am VERY confused. I just felt that I should disclose some vital information that I would want to know if I was a prospective patient. I am not the only one who feels this way, that's for sure. I used to work for this office and am quite aware of the things that go on there. I have an excellent and friendly repoire with all the staff, and still couldn't seem to get the treatment that was deserved, and although I love Dr. Abdallah and think he's a wonderfully caring person, I still couldn't recommend him for many reasons other than those listed. It's interesting that he returns calls personally to some of his patients, because not once in 3 years have I received a call back from him or ANYONE else in the office when I had an emergency or otherwise- most of my care recevied was at the time I was working there since he was readily accessible. But one day they decided to close down the office in Hagerstown, where I was working, and nobody told me until one of my friends who is a patient was supposed to come in for an appointment that got cancelled...come to find out the office had shut down and nobody told me and I was WORKING there.

I'm beginning to think we're talking about two different doctors, because when I mentioned Paxil to him he wasn't even aware that SSRI's could be used to treat POTS, and I had to show him supporting documentation for research purposes so he would prescribe it. Also, he did not know that food allergies and intolerances could be related...I think if he was working with Grubb he should be far more advanced with his research.

One more comment about being treated for free- I was under that impression as well, and the Dr.and I had worked out a verbal agreement that he would treat me at no cost since I was a long time patient and recently lost my insurance. I then received a MASSIVE bill in the mail and was told that it was just "too bad" and I'd have to pay it, even after we agreed not to. I wrote a letter addressing this issue and never heard a response, although I did get confirmation of delivery.

Sorry if I OFFENDED anyone with these comments, but I just want to be honest. I am very confused at how people can be receving such different levels of care and service from the same doctor.

Has anyone else seen him???

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:P Wow,

I also see Dr. Abdallah...

I have been seeing him for a year now...He is a very compassionate man with alot of understanding in the area of circulation...But as far as POTS goes...I have to say that there have been several occasions where I have had information that may have been helpful with treating my POTS...(Because I have been a tough case for him, I am hypersensitive to everything...even tylenol...)And found that not only did he not know about this type of treatment nor did he want to explore it with me..

I have also been frustrated with the office staff not returning my phone calls and have waited days for them to do so and ended up calling them back even more frustrated than before..

What I do realize is, is that he overextends himself, he is such a great person that he takes his time with you, He makes sure that you have all questions answered to the best of his ability...He would go that extra mile for any of his patients I am sure..He spreads himself so thin that I at times worry more about his health than my own...and stress this to him...I went for an appointment earlier this month and was not doing so well,every medication that he has tried has only made my condition worse :P So I was so upset...not with him however, but with this stupid POTS...That I cried...I just want to feel better...and like so many of us...get so annoyed at the fact that there is only so much that can be done...He sat with me and expressed his sympathy by giving me a hug and encouraging me to keep faith...So I felt like crap, atleast someone understood and took the time to listen..

2weeks later I was here on the fourm and read about someone having a pretty good outcome with Aderall...This was new to me so I started to research it a little...

I found that it was used for ADD and really wanted to try this...Knowing also that the person who had tried this was seeing Dr. Grubb...I called Dr. Abdallahs office on Monday am. and talked to one of the girls in the front office...I told them everything that I just stated here and was really excited about having him call in a script fpr me...She took my info and said that she'd have him call me back... 2 days went by and nothing....I called on that 3rd day and said can you please tell me why I haven't heard anything??? Well , she said, I gave him the message and told him to call...she then said that she would catch him between patients and have him call...I said great....Thanks...Still no call...So on that 4th day, again I called...

This time he wasn't in yet and wouldn't be in for a few hours..So I asked if they would have him call before he started to see his patients...She said she would try...Good enough for me..I again waited...Nothing ...The next day was Friday..I knew he'd be in Sterling so I called ...Knowing that he is usually a little late, I waited till 10:30..When I called this is what I was told....Dr. Abdallah said that he cannot call in a script for this because this Aderall is not for POTS, it is used to treat ADD... I said I knew this yet I have read about it ..BLAH...BLAH...BLAH......

and look, I just want to talk to him about it...This didn't happen...Anyway..I have another appointment early in Aug. Thank goodness...I will discuss it with him then...

Sorry to go on so but my experience is...And I have gone to and still do use Dr. Khurana in Baltimore.....

Everyone knows what they expect and what they need out of their Doctors.

Always have a back up plan....Just incase you find that it isn't working out..

I feel very confident that if you decide to see Dr.Abdallah that you will be pleased with him..Just be patient..As much as you can anyway...and keep in mind that he has a very heavy caseload now and that there may be times that you feel as though you aren't getting what you need....Just as you would anywhere else you go to get treatment for something of this complexity...And know also that it's just as frustrating for them as it is for us...

Good luck and hope you have a great experience...

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Tinksinflight, Have you seen Dr. Khurana recently and has HE given you a script for Adderall? Dr. K is my doctor and I wouldn't even think of calling him and asking for it over the phone. I will be seeing him in September and I will ask then.

Besides, after the last post, the substance cannot be called in anyway.

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Thanks for asking...I have been seeing Dr. K for 2 years now, Dr Abdallah is closer to me so I see him every month while I may only see Dr.K once every 3 to 4 mos. Both of them have tried several medications and to this day have had both call in several scripts for me to try...Usually these are only a 10 day supply due to the hypersensitivity...I know within 2 to 5 days rather I can take it or not..There usually isn't a problem with getting them to do this and I will indeed discuss this w/ Dr. A when I see him next month..The point of the matter here was....Was that when I was asking him to allow me to try this Adderall, He gave me the sense that he didn't know or maybe hadn't heard that Dr. Grubb had perscribed it to some of his POTS patients and that some had found it to be rather helpful..

None the less, The real question here was "who is Dr. Abdallah"?

Sure hope Ernie that you give him a try if you have no one closer to you that treats POTS.He is a great man with a wonderful background in pediatric cardiology,also treats people with dysautonomia...

Again, good luck to you Ernie..

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I find Dr. Abdullah wonderful with treating the kids and very informed and up to date. I also know several adults who have seen him with great success. I highly recommend him as a compassionate, well informed cardiologist who is upcoming in the field of dysautonomia. No doubt, you be hearing his name a lot in the future. I do know he prefers to treat patients within driving distance as he likes to see them frequently during medication changes etc. As you might know, every physican has their own treatment plans and opinions on these conditions and every patient is different in how they respond to treatments and to the physicians. Anytime you can find a physican like Dr. Abdullah - who is compassionate and involved with his patients - you take a huge step forward in your own care.

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