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Chest Pain


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I also have POTS and I suffer from bad chest pain and feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Chest pain was my first symptom. However, recently I was on holiday and had chest pain with arm pain and a pain in the side of my neck and I felt really breathless. I was in Lourdes and the nurses on our tour were convinced it was an Angina Attack. I don't know, it was a bit different, but I think it was my POTS playing up. I have an appointment with my Cardiologist in November so I will tell her.

Liz B X

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I get chest pain too.

This was the symptom that really got the docs attention.

Seems to be a manifestation of POTS or dysautonomia or MVP - something or other; but by all reports totally benign.

I went through LOTS of tests to rule out heart disease and the like, but all is well.

The doc at the MVP Center told me that some patients have chest pain and others not. She does not yet have an explanation.

I would get it checked out to be sure!


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I also have had pain down my arm tingling and pain up my jaw. I had heart tests but nothing showed up except slight mitral valve. All my dads male relatives have died from sudden death including my cousin who died 5 years ago from this. With neurocardiogenic syncope I know I am at greater risk for this. My dad has a pacemaker and then he got a defibrilator he has congestive heart failure with only 20% output in his heart and now is having pulmonary problems. I have more symptoms of congestive heart failure then my dad. His chf DR. said he wouldn't touch my case with a ten foot pole. I get so discouraged especially when my insurance wont pay for me to see Dr. Khruna because he is not in my network. My cardiologist and neurologist both wrote in and they wont approve it. I saw him 2xs and loved him. He now wants to do tests but if anything would happen or show up during ,my insurance wont pay.

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:) I'm sorry, Heiseygirl!

I think maybe you need to decide what it's worth to you to see the doctor you like. Paying out-of-pocket stinks, and it's not fair that you'd have to do that, but is the price worth it? I know that I would still see at least one of my doctors if she stopped taking my insurance all of a sudden. Also, is it possible that the doctor would give you a break on price to see him out of network? It might be worth asking, anyway.

You might also ask Dr. Khruna if he knows of anyone in your network who might take on your case. Maybe he could consult with them and pass on the information he has.

We're here for you!


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