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Pre-syncope Triggers And Muscle Spasms


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I joined forum not so long ago and am having many symptoms again in recent weeks after having an "ok" spell.

It has been so helpful to come and read the stories of the many people on this site and how bravelly you all cope.

I have been getting a little scared of late!! probably my nature!!

I have been having terrible muscle spasms in the head particurly on the left side where i have suffered terrible migraines in the past.

Could i ask if for example when typing, knitting etc does this bring on pre-syncope because this seems to occur with me and muscles really ache!! could this be because i am pushing myself to far and if so are there and muscle exercises that would help?

I currently take Fludrocortisone, Co-dydramol, 2mg of diazepam to ease the muscle spasms. My shoulders and front of upper neck feels like concrete.

Would be so grateful for any advice.

Thank you and take care to you all


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I have had really annoying spasms for the 2+ years I've had POTS. I get them in my head also, mainly by my temple and above my ears. For the first 4 months I felt like my head and neck weighed 50 pounds. I remember driving home from work all the time and getting spasms and propping my head up with my arm. I usually just got done exercising about an hour earlier and had a 25 mile drive home (which made me nervous because I was lightheaded and had no AC) so I would actually focus on the spasms to take my mind off of the drive. My neuro and primary said they were nothing to worry about and people with any type of nervous system disruption can get them. I was worried about MS or other things and I still get them but I learned to deal with them as just another wonderful symptom.

If you are really worried talk to a neurologist about it and hopefully he/she can ease your mind. Take care and I hope you find relief of your symptoms.

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i havehad them for 9 years all over my body. some can happen in one spot fro hours. and yes the muscle aches. i have watch them happen i know at least 100 times in one spot and then move to a different spot just to start all over again. i have been on muscle relaxers and the docs tell me my neck and shoulder muscle are stiff. never have known why though. now i have electrical shock like feelings that actually make (say it's in my leg at the time)jump. almost like an involuntry muscle jerk. idf you get any info about it please let me know. thanks.

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