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Does Your Body Seem To Tire Of Medications?


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I have this problem and I wonder if it's common in POTS or if it's just me. I have been sick for 10 years and have tried TONS of meds, but nothing helps that drastrically. My best combo has been florinef/mestinon/prozac,that got me to maybe 30% functioning on a good day.

Out of the blue last spring, my bp went high and didn't go down until I cut all three meds in 1/2. I haven't been able to get stronger on this lower dose, but I notice this happens with almost every med. I take it for a while and then my body seems to get tired and almost rejects it, usually in the form of hbp, but not always.

Does anyone else have this?

Right now, I am beyond frustrated and at the end of my rope b.c I desperately want to be stronger , but I have no idea of what to do next?

Has anybody started and stopped only to retry meds?

What about rounds of like 6 months on different meds and then switch?

Does anyone have any ideas?

I have been on:




birth control





and prob some others I can't remember


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So far with POTS meds I haven't stopped any, just added more to the mixture.

However I do seem to build up a tolerance to antihistamines for my hayfever. They will work for a couple of years then the seem to be less effective and I have to change to a different one. Sometimes going back to an old one does help more than it did at the time that I stopped it.


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