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Home at last

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Okay, the first half of my trip went GREAT...perfect even! While I loved Croatia, it was HOT...and HUMID...and air conditioning was a rare comodity. I did okay until the past 2 days; I think I really overdid it (uh...what else is new :) can't seem to stop myself :) )

So, just to again confirm that I still have POTS, my body has reminded me with several pertitent items: My HR hasn't been under 100 for the past two days and my guts just stopped about 5 days ago. I am a ball of sweat ... and I look like I'm 6 mos pregnant, since, of course, I'm still eating and (sorry folks, i know it's gross) but nothing's going anywhere--thank goodness my GI appointment this Weds am!!!

To those of you for whom I owe an email (or two), it will take me several days to catch up. Thanks for your patience.

Pictures will be up on the web in a few days...now, sleep is my highest priority. I've been up for more than 24 hours at this point and need to CRASH on my own lovely, wonderful pillow in my delicious bed. :) Nina

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Yay, we missed you! Glad you got to enjoy some of your trip.

Also glad to know I'm not the only one over-doing it these days...we are moving to Florida at the end of this week and I am soooo stressed and sleep deprived. Can't wait to get it overwith!!

Welcome home!!

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