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I posted this on the other board but wanted to post it here as well for more input.

I had stopped taking Sectral (beta blocker) after I had my son last December, and resumed taking it again in August because I was having lots of tachycardia and a little lightheadedness again from the POTS. During my pregnancy and postpartum, I was doing very well and was able to go without meds for a long time- so as soon as I started to feel symptomatic, I thought I'd better stay up on things before they got worse. So over the last 2 months, my doctor added Florinef and Pro-Amatine to the regimen. This combo helped me before the pregnancy quite a bit, but lately I feel like the exhaustion is TENFOLD what it's ever been before. I am feeling good otherwise, with some normal POTS symptoms that come and go, but the fatigue is out of hand. I have a 10 month old and I can't keep up with him at all. Could this be from the beta blocker? I take it before I go to bed to try and minimize side effects, but I'm still very sleepy and weak all the time. What route should I go to try and improve the fatigue? Maybe it's just motherhood, and it's never going to go away, lol!!

It seems like I get 8-9 hours of sleep at night, wake up feeling pretty good, and then within 3 hours of waking up I crash, and even if I take a nap, within 3 hours of waking from the nap I am so drowsy I can barely stay awake, and weak all over. The lack of rest feels like it is bringing on my other symptoms, so I feel as if I am getting worse with the meds and not better.... where to go from here? Can I just cold turkey stop the beta blocker for a few days and see how I feel, then resume taking it if it doesn't help? I am going to Florida for 2 weeks and will not be able to see with my doc until I get home...

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Dear ethansmom

I suffer from Pots, Barlow syndrome and Reactive Hypoglycaemia and fully understand all your complaints. I was recently put on to Florinef 0.1 mg and Concor 5mg. It was truly the worst time of my life. I have basically lost a whole month of my life. The side effects from these two drugs are horrible and I recommend you change as soon as possible. I was taken off the drugs and now use Inderal. The change is amazing. I must mention the weight you pick up from Florinef as well as the anxiety is overwhelming.

Please go and get a second opinion :( .

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