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Any Raw Foodists Here?


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I'm interested in trying to go raw- at least more raw to start with, and I'd love to talk to someone else who's interested. I volunteered at the vegetarian coop in Boulder and had some wonderful food. I'm a pretty good cook, but sometimes I feel more satiated with cooked food. Hmm. I'm already vegetarian, though I was happier while vegan, and would like to go back to that eventually. We were talking about going gluten-free with the doctor and I can't imagine that a healthy, raw diet could hurt the dysaut. :blink:

Happy weekend everybody!

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If you have the GUTS to do it,go for it! :)

I followed a mostly raw diet back n the early 80's. I DID feel more energy and only ate one cooked meal a day.

however, 25 plus years later, the ANS has affected my gut in the last 6 years and I can't even eat beans, or lentil soups (MY staples for YEARS!) nor many raw veggies or fruit.

But do try it. I Loved the lifestyle and the folks who thought like this.

I did the vegetarian thing for awhile but sadly feel MUCH WORSE with out meat and such...so I just say gratitude each day for the animals, you know?

I can't do soy or concentrated soy products except some egg white protein shakes.

BUT I LOVED volunteering in a health store years ago and it sound exciting to hear folks getting into it.

GOOD LUCK. You just never know how you will feel as we all absorb foods differently.


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