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Saw Dr. Abdallah Yesterday


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No matter how I feel at the beginning of the visit, I always leave his office feeling upbeat and optimistic.

Yesterday I was put on Adderall after discussing my fatigue and concentration issues. There's hope that it may help the POTS symptoms in general, too. I am a bit worried about what it might do to my HR, but I'll let you know how that goes as I just started. We also upped my licorace concentrate from 10 drops to 15 drops 3x day. After finding a reference on another board, I asked him about a gluten-free diet. He says that he has a few patients it helped tremendously (who tested negative for celiac disease and allergy, by the way), as well as some that it didn't do much for, but I think it's worth a shot when I'm settled into school in a few weeks.

He always reminds me of doing certain exercises to improve blood flow, especially on rousing in the morning and after meals, and also to elevate my bed, which I should be able to do with cinder blocks (again) when I get settled in.

I don't suppose they make compression gloves, do they? as well as feet, my hands get super purple. ;)

I've gained some more weight (NOT a good thing- I'm already overweight!!, and since I seem so much hungrier and fatigued on my other meds (specifically the BB, paxil, and the birth control (not to mention that my chest keeps growing bigger with the birth control- as soon as i can, I'm going to be sterilized (I'm serious), though not because of that (and I'm "busting" out of a DD. and only 5'1". Yuck. ) ) So I'm kinda hoping that the Adderall might also take the edge off of the extra hunger. I hate feeling like this.

One of my biggest goals is that reduced fatigue will help me to be more active in not feeling up to anything so constantly. I was super active just before my POTS got really bad and was diagnosed, and pretty much stopped working out cold turkey because of how I felt. Oh how I wish I could start again!

Anyway, I've got good intentions and hope that the combinations of everything will work out so that I can have a fabulous year in grad school!!

I'll let you know how the Adderall works!

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I'm glad your appointment with Dr. Abdallah went well. It is always so helpful to have a nice doctor! I hope the Adderall works well for you. Definitely let us know!

I haven't seen compression gloves, but they do make compression armsleeves. They look like the open toe stockings. Your fingers and thumb can poke out, but the rest of the hand is under compression. Would something like that work?

Take care,


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I see that you are from Manchester. Do you study here in the states as well? We also have a Dr. Abdallah here local to me and I was just wondering.

Any way....I'm glad that your appointment went so well. It is nice to have that good feeling after an apt.

As for the compression gloves...I would thing that you should be able to find something on the internet. They use compression gloves for burn victims...I'll do some research and see if I can find anything. I'll let you know if I do.

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That's cool. I would be afraid to try ones that didn't go over the hand as well, since the blood pools in my hands... it'd be like bright purple hands and white forearms! So we'll see.

Actually I've been on this forum for 2 years now, and I am American. I just happen to live in the UK (or at least I will when I leave in a few days.) I've been seeing Dr. Abdallah for about 18 months now.


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Hi Luckycharm,

Isn't it great to come out of a Doctor's appt feeling hopeful?

I've had good results with Adderall. I was started on a low dose and slowly upped it to a moderate level. It has helped a lot with brain function and energy. It did suppress my appetite at first, but it is slowly returning.

Hope you have a good response to it.

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You are very close to were I live at then. Dr. Abdallah was the one who dx and treated me until just recently due to an insurance change. He is a wonderful person and always makes you feel good. His manner in dealing with people is amazing. I miss him a lot, but do like my new cardiologist. I live in a little town named Brunswick in Maryland. About 1/2 - 45 minutes from his sterling office. Kat was my favorite nurse until she left.

So do you have a doctor in the UK already or will you be following up with Dr. Abdallah on return trips home. How long will you be abroad? Hope you enjoy your studies.


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