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Excessive Sweating


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Hi Pacer,

I sweat at night every once in a while, but it has never been excessive. It seems to just be an inability for my body to regulate temperature. I'll get hot and sweaty and have to take off a blanket layer or two. Later I'll be freezing cold and have to put on a blanket or two. But then sometimes I'm confortable the whole night through. My silly ANS!

Have you talked to your doctor about this? Perhaps he would have an idea about what is going on or could order a test for you.


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I have central ac as well as a window ac unit in my bedroom. I keep it "very" cold in my bedroom and still sweat. It ruins everything and I have to replace my pillows very often for the discoloration. For my cloths/sheets I soak then in vinegar prior to washing them and it takes the yellow stains out of the white cloths. The colors just have the bleached look and I can't find anything to help.

My husband looks like an Eskimo due to the cold. When it gets to bad, he hits the couch. But thank god he likes it cold also or we would never sleep together. He's the cover hog thanks to me.

Have you tried a fan or window ac unit to help while sleeping?

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I get them occasionally- sometimes every night for a week, sometimes a month without. More often than not, though, it's just regular and very mild.

I need to sleep with blankets, but I always have a fan going and usually manage to be chilly enough to go to sleep ok. When they're really bad, though, the only thing that seems to help is to sleep wearing as little as possible and between 2 towels. ;)

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i have the severe sweats like u r describing. i have soaked the bed twice in the night to the point i have had to change bed and everything. u would have thought i had been in 100 degree weather gardning by the amount of sweat. but i do not like to be cold. typical pots i believe.

asked doc about and for me it seems my sympathectic side is overactive. and thats all he said. i can't tell what that means though.

i will burst into sweating frenzy sitting doing nothing.

of course i am on florinef, and the typical pots regimen meds, except phenobarbital. i don't think it is a regimen med for pots.

u r not alone and i am only 36. not menopausal.

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I've experienced those night sweats for the past ten years or so. Much more so when I was younger. I'm 45 now and no longer get the night sweats, but sometimes experience them during the day!!! Yuck. I can't tell if it's menopausal or due to the dysautonomia... I also live in Georgia and we've just spent the past 30 days at almost 100 degrees. I'm also trying to figure this one out.

I've cut out caffeine, dairy and many animal products and try to eat healthily. I've heard that helps with hot flashes. When I stick to this diet, things seem better. So, for me at least, this may be menopause related.


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I get occasional night sweats too, probably a few times a month. I live in the UK where it isn't really that warm but I use a portable a/c unit to cool my bedroom before I go to bed. I also have to have a bedside fan going - I can't seem to sleep without a cool draft blowing over my face and body.

Bedding wise I have a summer-weight 4.5 TOG duvet and I always sleep with a flat topsheet under the duvet. When I get warm I can throw the duvet off but still have the sheet covering me - don't know why but I find it hard to sleep unless I clutch some sort of covering under my chin, even when boiling hot!!!

I do seem to have a bizarre sweat pattern. When I sweat during the day it seems to be mainly in a stripe down the centre of my body - upper lip, chin, hollow at the front of my neck, down my cleavage, belly button, the centre of my lower back and my groins. Those areas literally drip with sweat when things are bad, but the rest of me seems to be dry. I have low/normal underarm sweating, ie controlled with an anti-perspirant underarms of blouses get damp on hot days but not problematic.

Anyone else have these odd sweating patterns?

Anyone know of any good products to use in the delicate groin areas to reduce/control sweating? (I'm sick of having wet trousers on at work!)



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Just call me Goldilocks. The temperature has to be just right and that is almost impossible for me to accomplish at night. I get night sweats a lot. I do the best when it is in the 50s or low 60s overnight and the windows are open and a ceiling fan is on. I sleep well then! I will wake up covered in sweat and still feel cold. It is really annoying. I try to be zen about it and look at it as an excuse to have lots of cute pajamas since they need to be washed more often, but it is frustrating.

Sometimes goldbond powder helps keep me from sweating. My skin is really sensitive so the goldbond powder doesn't irritate my skin. If I am pretty sure it will be one of those nights I will sprinkle it on and that sometimes helps. But not always.

It is always reassuring to know that I am not the only one with these problems!


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It's funny that you mentioned the sweat pattern down the front. I always though I was the only one to have that. The center of my forehead, nose, center of my chin, under my neck, cleavage and under my breast, sown my stomach, and the groin area. I have to change my bra and shirt several times some days. I use anti-perspirant on my underarms, under my breast and in my cleavage. I use baby powder in my groin area and on my stomach to help absorb the sweat and it also helps with my cloths not sticking to me. I wonder if this is a pots thing? When I do go out I keep a hand towel with me to wipe my face off. I keep acne a lot and feel that it is due to the sweating as I am 36 and should be over acne by now. I wash my face/neck often during the day. But no matter how much I sweat, my feet/legs are still cold and I wear socks almost all the time. Hot from the groin up and cold from the groin down...sounds like the pooling causes the cold legs/feet.

Sweating if awful to deal with. Women should only sweat during childbirth :blink: not all the time.

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Hello all , I didn't think I was the only one with this unwanted , unkind and definitely one of the worst thing us girls have to put up with when the menopause hits , let alone before , after and as well as ............ :(

I have had this 'complete lack of body temperature control 'for about 8 years now .............yes...... 8 years . but when its at its worst I also run a 1001 temperature with it , no , not unwell just white as a sheet and flowing like a river .............. :(

I am on clonidine ( 10 daily ) to help control it , sometime they work brilliantly , and other time when my pots is running very fast and high I might as well not bother at all . I also take a HRT tablet to help with the problem even though my hormones are OK now .

I have a central water fall which cascades down my forehead , nose ( drips off this ) runs down my chin , neck between the boobs ( feels like a spider running around ) and then across the tum and in between the thigh's, most strange ...........BUT I dont just get mine at night , oh , no mine is 24/7 . :( sometime when I'm out I feel like I've wet myself as the sweat is so bad between my legs my underwear is stuck to me ....yuck or what !

I spend a lot of time in my cotton full length kaftan's and a par of knickers ..........nothing else as bras are just the pits when wet , tights ............you've got to be joking , sox's ...........dishcloths more like and anything remotely tight is just a no-no unless I dose myself up to the top most limit of my drugs to give myself a 4-5 hour none -sweaty brake ( which is what I did when |I saw Corina )

I not only sweat at night when trying to lay down , but when I see food , smell food, talk , get exited , hear noises that make me jump , get worried , get annoyed , upset , angry , sad ...............er ................well basically anything my body thinks is not to its liking .

I have been told the chances of this stopping or just disappearing are as remote as finding the Lock ness monster in Tescos on the fresh meat counter selling cheese with a bunch of radishes stuck on his head singing 'all I want for christmas is my two front feet' .................in other words ' its here for good so make the best of it '

I do find sometimes it is a help ! :P let me explain ...................I have been out to a friends home for meal and have found that I cannot eat what is served ( yuck or what ) so when the sweating starts I have said I just cannot eat what I have as its to hot , to spicy, to much ..........you know the sort of thing . This way the people dont get upset because the meal isn't quite what they had in mind , but poor old hubby and son are stuck with eating the lot . B)

So , unless some doctor comes up with an operation or drug to stop it .............well if there's ever a water shortage around here again I'm sure my hubby will find a way of tapping in to me ..................OMG what a thought !

Happy sweating all ..............Willows XXXX

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I used to never sweat a few years back when my pulse was always 62bpm and I felt freezing all the time despite being wrapped up in thick fleece PJ's, a thick fur blanket, a thick duvet and the heating on!

These days a/c on 24/7 even in winter unless it's less than 5c, feel boiling hot all the time and the sweat just keeps on coming until it almost drips off me. I don't even need to do anything to sweat loads. I use the strongest antiperspirant I can get, it's meant to last 5 days between uses and it only reduces it a little. It's horrible.

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HI all,

I have always ment to ask you guys about this, 2 of my kids do not sweat to the point that their skin goes bright red and very hot if they excert themselves, but my other son is always wet his hands are never dry, he sweats in bed and he has a big problem with drooling which has lead to speach problems but he gets bouts of what we have been told is dry eye. I have often wonderd why my kids that all have ANS dysfunction present with such extremes of temp control.


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