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Miss Sunfish


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i was just wondering if anybody knows how sunfish is doing? any updates on how she is doing since her surgery over the wknd?

thank you!


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Hi Linda,

Sunfish was showing as being logged on to the forum half an hour ago. I know that she often reads posts even if she isn't up to typing messages. I don't have any news myself but I suggest that we keep the messages of support coming so that she knows we are all thinking of her when she is able to read the posts.

Thinking of you and praying for you Melissa.


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so sorry i haven't gotten back to more of an update. and thank you for all of the continued good thoughts, prayers, wishes, cards, cool pictures, messages, etc. i may sound like a broken record but they really do mean a lot & give me a boost.

never a dull moment i suppose. i'm good to go post-port-placement from last weekend, but yikes did it smart for the first 48 hours or so. we then tried various "experiments" of sorts throughout the week, some more successful than others. the positive highlight is that we may have figured out a way for me to be on tube feed (into the middle of my small intestines via my J tube) rather than TPN. it will take a longer time to know for certain whether it will truly work as there are some nutrients i don't seem to be able to readily absorb, but it's something that many of my docs didn't think would ever even be in the realm of possibility so is at least a possible step in the right direction. i still need IVs for fluids/ saline (the experiment to try without that was pretty bad & made for 2 really unpleasant days, but we can't say we didn't try).

i will post a more comprehensive update one of these days from the past 3+ weeks, but wanted to at least check in. flop's right that i often read even if not up to posting so i've been spying on & off as able :P .

this morning's excitement included a clogged catheter such that my bladder got PAINFULLY full by the time they believed me & replaced it with a new one (wherein over 2000cc drained immediately...gee, who was right?!)

tonight's excitement includes the doc just having come in to tell me i need a blood transfusion. fun fun. hopefully it will happen soon rather than in the middle night.

i'm hoping to escape in the next few days but there are a few things i have to pass muster on &/or have happen first so we'll see.

love, smiles, & sunshine to all,

B) melissa

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Hello Melissa!

Thanks for taking the time and energy to check in. I've been thinking about you and wondering how your were doing. Sounds like a lot has been going on. You're probably wishing for a dull moment, huh? You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Here's to wishing you can escape to your own bowl soon soon!



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Hi Melissa,

it is good to get an update from you. It sounds like the doctors have been busy cooking up some plans and experimenting. Whilst the experiments don't sound like fun (like trying without IV saline) it is really good to know that your team of doctors are open minded and willing to try different solutions to some of your problems. I hope that the J-tube stuff works out, even if you have to have some TPN to sort out specific nutrients.

Blood transfusions are a pain because of all the observations they have to do whilst the blood is running. Hopefully they will get it done during daylight hours so they don't have to keep waking you up to check your temp and BP! My pet hate about transfusions if is the blood is still cold from the refrigerator - I hate that icy sensation sweeping through your body - hopefully yours will be room temperature, much more comfortable!

Right, I'll stop rambling, you'll never have time to read all of your message otherwise.

Take care - love, hugs and prayers continuing to flow to you,


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wow melissa... hope tht your swimming in your own fish bowl soon...with your kitty too...my prayers and thoughts are with you..

lots of love


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just a quick hello to let everyone know that i'm back in my own bowl so to speak. i got home late tuesday & the first 24 hours were more than a little exhausting...wrong settings on the breathing machine which meant poor sleep, home care nurse here for almost 3 hours, lots of deliveries, back to doing all my own meds, IVs, tube feeds, dressing changes, etc. but of course good to be home. and had much better sleep last night (machine fixed). today was then filled with trying to get some bills paid & my loads of follow-up appointments made for the upcoming weeks/ months.

thanks for the continued good thoughts, wishes, prayers, etc. and yes, i really will get more of an update posted one of these days!

:P melissa

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