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Questions About Goosebumps


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Has anyone ever gotten a good explanation for why some of us get goosebumps? This is a recent symptom for me. It happens when I am hot or when I am standing. Dr thinks it is some kind of clue but not sure what it is telling us. I would love your imput....

My meds are:

80mg nadolol

.1 florinef

.05 vivelle patch

40 elavil (for IC pain)


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I get them easily, too. I think it's just a sign of our autonomic nervous systems being a little out of whack, since that's what causes piloerection (goosebumps -- I'm not sure I spelled that properly.)

I've noticed that I even get them when I should be hot, not cold, such as when I go for a run. Weird.


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