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T-shirt Information: Don't Forget To Before They Are All Gone!


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End of summer is coming, and fall is on its way. What better way to end the summer, and start the fall, then by getting a new t-shirt. For only $15.00 you can get a Dinet t-shirt, All profits are going to help support Dinet with its upcoming documentary. Also it?s a great way to let others learn about Dysautonomia.

Also you can make donations to dinet for the upcoming documentary at http://www.dinet.org/how_you_can_help.htm?3de33fe0

Please, if you can make a donation, every bit helps. If every member donated $1.00, we would already have a big start on the project. (We have 1142 members on the forum x $1.00= $1142.00)

Also don?t forget this holiday week end (Labor Day US) to say ?thank you? to everyone working hard to keep dinet running, from Michelle, keeping Dinet going every day, year after year (GO MICHELLE!). To our AWSOME MODERATORS, Mighty Mouse, Sunfish, Rachel and Flop. Also big thank you needs to go out to everyone that helps behind the scenes, from making the newsletters, to mailing brochures, to the ?meet other programs?, ?faces of dinet program? and our Medical Advisors!


Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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