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The Day The Old Crocks Met...... Ami & Corina


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Well , having taken 2 hours to get to Corina instead of 45 minutes :rolleyes: becuase of roadworks I think you could say I was slightly tired out , in fact I remember setting off in the car and then arriving at the outside of the place , apparently I called them twice :P but I dont remember doing that !

Corina , John and the boys are so nice , it was if my Husband and I had known them all our life , we had coffee and those big Dutch caramel biscuits each , then Corina opened her present ..................mmmmmmm :P me thinks she was shocked ! ! ! , but as I said to her ; ' Its a ring of friendship , never ending or begining , just its a bit more posh than the normal sort , and its for your birthday girl ' :(

I think Corina was pleased !

Funnily enough she had bought me the most wonderful hand painted mug and stand , made by a lady in Holland who makes one for each month of the year , as Corina didn't know what month I was born in ( Feb ) I now have the prettiest one I think , its all lavender flowers , butterflies and petunias in lilacs .

As well as this Corina has now made a friend for life out of my husband as she bought him a large packet of those Dutch Caramel biscuits, as I held them up ..........his eye's followed them , where ever they where moved to :P Mike got a bag of some sort of Dutch sweets ,as we are unable to read them it should be quite a surprise to see what they are .

And.............on top of these I was given a broomstick with Nimbus 2000 written on the handle ! ! ! !

And so we talked and talked about pots and all the silly things that happen that make you think your 'going mad ' .........nope it appears what I get Corina gets to , OH ! that makes me feel a lot saner and happier.

We talked about my charity and I had brought photo's to show the family of my show from day 2000 and until now , I also took the drawings I had made of 'Hogwarts Castle' of next years event , we talked about everything , it was wonderful to be able to natter on about the illness to someone who understood , knew all about it and who's husband also understood , which was great for my husband as well as he could also share things with John about the care of us two 'old crocks'

Lunchtime we went to a pub , but unfortunately the food was just gross :( I thought it was me , as I have problems with my taste and smell , but it wasn't and Mark , John and myself struggled to eat much of it , I complained but the manager didn't want to know .

So after this we went back to the flat with Corina and John , had more coffee and more natters !

It was so strange , Corina and I are quite alike , so alike ............we both have exactly the same lipsticks :P:P wow..........! thats strange or what .

And so at about 5 .30 we had to go home , I was very tired by then and as soon as Mark set off I feel asleep only to wake up at the Cornwall/Devon bridge feeling sick .

Once home I had to go straight to bed and take some 'back up drugs' and I just fell asleep at about 6.30 pm sleeping until 11 pm then woke to find Mark trying to 'quietly ' come to bed ........so hope !

In all , my day with Cortina was absolutley wonderful , she is a very beautiful lady and is also very cheerful , kind , and understanding and we will I'm sure keep in contact from now onwards via letters and cards to.

If Corina ever gets the chance to come to the UK with just John then we would love them to come and stay with us here at the house ( kicking Mike out of his double room ) as I would love to be able to show them my village and share more time with such a lovely couple again.

From a very happy Ami.......... who now knows she's not as mad as she thought she was !

Photo's of the meeting will follow soon on my link site , but Mark is very unwell today with his foot again as the anesthetic patches have run out and the pain is so bad he's white as a sheet and almost in tears with it , he did actually cry this morning for the first time ever , which was upsetting for me to see as he is always a strong man , the pain must be so bad for him to be unable to cope . AMI

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It sounds like you all had a wonderful day, there is nothing better than a face to face chat with another potsie who knows exactly what you go through on a daily basis.

I'm glad that the two of you got to spend some quality time together - sounds like a true friendship has been forged.

Take care,


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Thanks for your replies guys , I will be sending any emails back to you today as I'm up and about again now.

Mark now has his patches and is feeling a bit better , so I am going to ask him in an hour or so to put onto my link some of the photos , which will be from here linked to the photo page .

The pictures of Corina a fine , but I look a bit of a sight , but never mind it was one of my ' bad looking days' you know the ones, when you either feel 'fat' have hair thats on end or look like you have been pulled through a hedge backwards .

I am having real problems with my speak and writing today and have had to do this post at least 6 or 7 times going over and over it as it doesn't make sense when its read , I am also having problems speaking and find I cant get the right words out .................mmmmmmm B) now that will be interesting as I am to do some public speaking soon B) may be I should write some prompt cards ! !

Anyhow look out for link to new photo's here soon. Ami

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Ok all ................................. B)

Marks put up 2 photo's of Corina and myself at the pub ! ( not a spot of alcohol passed our lips )

3 of Hegwig ; Her back and all the feather marking I did , one in our tree , on my arm and another .

2 of Fawkes ; one on his own perch in the garden and another .

one of myself in the event at the museum and 4 of the event in the room , I had a special red globe light to make the room look a strange colour by the way , also the items in the room are only about 1/2 of all the' Magical Place ' items I have , ant more and I'd be going more than banging my head on a kettle every 5 minutes !

You will have to excuse the rest of the stuff ........vast amounts behind mine ...........as something went wrong when hubby was putting mine onto my own page and they ended up with all his as well ...........well at least you can see the firework photo's taken at our villages summer nights event ...........if you are scared of bugs , spiders and things DO NOT OPEN any other pages .

Hope you like them Willows.


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Neat story Willows!

My son's friend Matt is from Cornwall. Matt was here in the Mid West in the US for a few years going to our university.

I often dream of going to the UK, but too fearful of flying. It will have to be by boat one day.

I'm so happy for you that you got to meet with Corina, and talk about all the familiar things we go though.

Although you had gotten worn out a bit, it sounds like you had some fun---- B)

Take care,

Maxine :0)

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so we are back home again!!!

and boy, did we have a nice time!!! and it was very very special as i was finally able to meet another (dysautonomia) crock (don't actually know what it means ami? :lol: must have something to do with being not very mobile and feeling soooooo old at times???).

we did have a great time and yes, it is so very good to talk face to face to another dysautonomia patient, as we kept saying oh yes, me too all the time. or: i have this and the other: no, but i have that and it all was about dysautonomia. it was important to both our hubbies as well, as they finally had the chance to talk to another hubby who experienced the same (especially because at times it is so very difficult for them to understand).

and yes, i was shocked about the beautiful present ami brought me (as i was afraid it was much too expensive, which worried me) but it is a very beautiful ring and the way ami explained it (neverending friendship symbolized through the circle of the ring) i thought she made a great effort to find it for me and i am VERY happy with it.

oh, and i was the only one who really enjoyed my lunch (although it was ay too much for me) as i had a greek salad (yummie yummie yummie) and we had sooooo much to talk about (not just the dysautonomia but the hogwarths castle and lots of other stuff) it was as if we were very old friends (well, not THAT old :o just that it seemed we've known for a long time!!!). in the end we had to say goodbye (ami's legs were swollen badly and we were sooo tired that i had trouble speaking/finding the right words i mean) but there was so much more to talk about.

another highlight this week was meeting my dad and stepmom as much as possible and we had the best time together.

i have some really nice photo's that i will try and put up one of these days. it's jsut that i have to get more rest and recuperate from the trip.

all in all, we had the best time (yes, even the weather was at it's best and the boys sooooo enjoyed the beach, have some funny story's about me trying to get at the beach will do them later) and it was really worth all the efforts (the trip was very bad because of very heavy traffic when we went and when we left) but i do have to rest for quite a while to get back at my base line.

thank you guys for joining in at this topic and the other topic where i wrote about this trip. you all are the best!!! and thank you ami and mark for taking the effort to come visit us. we all had a wonderful day!!!


corina :)

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Hellllllllloooooooooo and welcome back Corina . :P

I thought you didn't notice my legs where getting er .............rather swollen , but you did miss my hands and fingers .......! never mind it was well worth the effort coming to see you all, I expect like me , you had to recover the next day via bed and a good two or three DVDs while resting .

Mark had already 'scoffed ' the biscuits you brought him and has suggested that if I send you the money for a few packs plus the P & P you may be able to post them to us please ...........for further enjoyment and 'scoffing' by Mark :blink: although we have them in the UK ours are rather dry and almost stale compared to the lovely chewy , caramel centred ones you kindly brought for him ....................typical man tried to see if he could get a whole on in his mouth all at once , the answer is NO its not because you tend to choke if you do :( honestly , why do men do this !

As for the birthday ring details , I will send this to you via email later today ( instead of 3 am in the morning ) so that if you need to you can add this onto your jewellery list for insurance purposes, I still cannot believe that I got exactly your size :P

And as I said when I gave it to you , I really did enjoy getting it for you , and its not just from my family and I here in Devon and becuase of our friendship , but because of the support , the care and concern you show to all of us on the Pots site .

I for one wanted to acknowledge this friendship by giving you something that you could wear, and by wearing it when you have days when its hard to get through you can look down at the beautiful ring and know that we are all here for you on the Pots site wishing you well and thinking of you.

The birthday ring you now have fitted this perfectly , it has no beginning and no end ............this is friendship .

The term 'old crock ' means someone who is slow, immobile , dithers , falling to bits and slightly past their prime ..............mmmmmm , well , I'll take the slow , falling to bits and immobile bits not to sure about past my prime as I dont think I've every had my prime , so I can't pass what I haven't had , can I :blink: .

Thank you all for joining Corina and I in our expeditions this Summer and may we all have more posts on the forum soon of others who are meeting up so we can share your exploits as well .

If anyone is coming to the West Country over the next months or so please do email me so that we can meet up and talk about life with dear old Pots and of course take photo's for the forum to see.

It would be nice to start of section of just photo's taken of Pots people who have met , nice to put faces to names and places around the world and also really nice to be able to share the experiences of being 'out in the big world ' especially for you guys who have great difficulty getting out , travelling any distance let alone gong to another country .

Lovely to have you back on the boards again ( makes you sound like a tap dancer :blink: ) and I will look forward to nattering away with you as usual .......health permitting ............ :) oh ...........I hate that line !

Hugs, kisses , big smiles and a wave from all here ( if they where awake and could read this post that is ) bye -bye for now AMI XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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"It would be nice to start of section of just photo's taken of Pots people who have met , nice to put faces to names and places around the world and also really nice to be able to share the experiences of being 'out in the big world ' especially for you guys who have great difficulty getting out , travelling any distance let alone gong to another country."


There is a special "members only" secret Web site that has pictures of some of the members. I've been meaning to send in one of me -- I just need to bother someone to scan it in for me. If you send a message to MomtoGiuliana, she can send you in the right direction.

Cheers! (I can say that because I've visited your lovely country and my sister-in-law is British.) :)

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