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Hello All!


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Hey All,

Sorry I not been around much. But I have been having a hard time lately. Also sorry for the delay with any of the t-shirts over the last two weeks as I was unable to fill orders. But I am back to filling and shipping out the T-shirts yeah! So don?t forget to get your dinet t-shirt!

Well the reason I been so down is as many of you know not only do I have POTS, and NCS, but I also have Lyme disease. Well this month I under went a scope of my tummy and found out I had 4 ulcers, one being a bleeding ulcer, I had to have surgery and have my Port removed due to a problem, and a central line place to receive my abx, and fluids. Then to top it off I just found out, I have a co-infection with the Lyme disease called Babesia. So I am starting new meds for that, but am having problems handling it. So that?s been my month and while I not been around.

I am hoping though now that the doctor know what?s going on that I can get the treatment and finally start feeling better. That would be really nice. Hope you all are doing well!

Take Care,


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Thanks for giving us an update, Amy. I've been wondering how you were doing. I'm sorry to hear that things have been so tough this last month. I'm glad that the doctors were able to figure out what has been going on. I pray that with treatment you will see some steps toward improvement.

Don't worry about the t-shirts being delayed. We'll be patient! :-) Thanks for all of your hard work on that, by the way.

Take care of yourself,


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Thanks evreryone. I am sure hoping for better days ahead! I finally al at least up an moving. I am really sore and am not lasting long but at least I am moving around.! Again thanks for the support!


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Hi Amy,

Wow, sorry to hear you've had such a tough time of it. Hopefully now that you know about the babesia you will start to make more progress with your treatment. What meds do they have you taking? I have been on mepron since March - it makes me feel pretty icky, but has gotten somewhat better over time. And a lot of the babs symptoms like air hunger and neck pain seem to be getting better. The babs treatment has made the most difference for me in how long I can tolerate standing too.

Hope you continue to feel better!


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