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At The Risk Of Repeating Old Post Questions:


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Okay, at the risk of repeating myself--please excuse me if I am, my brain fog has been sooooooo bad lately! Does anyone go into brady after eating? If so,

--do you think it's to do with POTS?

--Any certain foods trigger it more than others?

--Any other symptoms come with it?

--How low does your heart rate go?

Mine goes into the 40's, and seems to come on with sugary carbs. I also get dizzy to the point of blacking out, or nearly blacking out. I also feel very fluish. I'd much rather be in tach, I think!


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I have seen this mentioned before and it really interested me as the symptoms i get after eating are very debilatating, i nearly always bloat up to looking nine months pregnant , the pain is excruciating the heart rate does exactly what it wants along with my blood pressure and sometimes especially with high carbs like bread and potatoes i even get to a point where i dont seem to be with it!!!!!!!!!! if you understand what i mean (an hour could have passed and i cant remember what has really been happening).

This seems to have taken all the pleasure out of eating as this used to be my main hobbie. LOl .

I Have been to see a dietician recently but unfortunatly there was not many helpful suggestions,.she was just astounded at the size of my belly and just kept repeating "what is it that you have in there?"

I am now trying different types of food and keeping diaries in the hope i can pinpoint what it is, but like you i would appreciate any helpful suggestions so i can get back to eating my cream cakes and chocolate without all the pain and symptoms that go with it.

Take care and i hope you get some answers soon x.


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