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Lived Through Surgery


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HI, I am home from the hospital after having a surgery on my tummy and the doc getting a 14lb tissue growth out. The incission is 31"!WOW!

But they were concerned because I have POTS,COPD,CHF,sleep apnea and more. All went perfect. I gave the anestiologist a copy of what POTS patients should have to be put under and out of the 5 operations I have had this was the best ever and I know the medicine they gave me made a big difference.

I had a relative I barely talk to....and she was down playing my pots. I really get annoyed when people and/or doctors do that. I would like to see them have pots and autoimmune system disorder.

Anyways, I am happy to be alive and doing so well.

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Happy to hear it, Heidi! It must be a weight off your shoulders to have that done (OK, bad pun.)

Anyway, I'm glad that it all went fine. I only had a problem with anesthesia once that I know about. I was getting my back molars pulled and they gave me a little too much laughing gas and the room started spinning like a merry-go-round.

Happy healing!


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Hello Heidi,so glad all went well,I hope you have a speedy recovery,Take good care,gentle hugs,Pat

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What a relief! Congratulations, Heidi. Try to relax and be good to yourself as you recover. Ignore your nasty relatives. This is a good time to surround yourself with people who make you happy.


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