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Finally Spoke With Orthopedic Surgeon About Mri Results On Thursday


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Previously, he had discussed what type of surgery options there were, then ordered an full spine MRI.

I was happy to find out that my instability was not as severe as first thought. However, it is still there, and needs to be monitored. The pannus growth is still there on the top of my cervical spine--(the odontoid bone). I don't have cranial settling, and this would have classified me as having Macro-instability------------I have micro-instability--

I would rather not have any instability, but it's a relief the pannus growth is there due to instability, rather then it being something wrong with the odontoid bone.

He said the congenital cervical stenosis is significant, and this is what the surgeon who did my diskectomy/fusion also said. Both surgeons seem to be on the same page, and they both have excellent credentials. I feel less confused, and satisfied to continue ahead with the best possible treatment suitable for me at this time.

There were also some herniated disks found on cervical spine, thoracic, and lumbar, but the most significant was on T-8-9 which actually surprised me. Why---------? Well, I injured that area one day when I twisted into my back seat like a snake to pick up my grandaughter's sippy cup, fearing a melt down from a 2 year old while trying to drive. DIDN'T THINK-- :unsure: Since that time I have had such terrible pain in my upper/mid back, and constantly feel like the wind is being knocked out of me. I know the stenosis is making me pretty sick, but this disk was damaged apparently, and the surgeon said this was causing the pain in my mid back.

Basically the EDS is taking a toll on my spine-------- <_< We discussed the heat intolerance, and he said this is from the EDS, but the last visit he said POTS-----so I'm a bit confused there, but considering he knows the EDS has vascular involvement, he may mean the heat intolerance is caused by both. I forgot to bring up the drop attacks of all things--- <_< I really wanted to touch base with him on that. I hate those--------------all of a sudden I lose all my strength at once, and have sudden weakness---and just feel like I'm going to drop. I will call about this, but in the meantime I do have an appointment with the local neurologist in October. Dang, I can't believe I forgot that.

At this time there isn't anything emergent. I said I don't want surgery right now if other conservitive measures can help control the pain and other symptoms. The stenosis obviously will not go away, and the blown disk on t-8-9 won't either, but some exercises under careful physical therapy may improve the instability issues, as the combination of instability AND stenosis isn't good, so if one can be helped, this can buy some time. I still have myelopathy as we discussed on the first visit, but I'm assuming he thinks I'm not in any immediate danger.

The physical therapy with include aquatic therapy, but only with someone in the pool with me at all times, ground therapy, massage therapy, body mechanics, and I was given a prescription for a home pain tens unit.

The goal is to improve the quality of life, and to help improve my stamina. He had a physical therapist come into the room, and he wrote up a prescription for all the therapy, and also wrote a prescription for an special orthopedic pillow for my neck. The surgeon wrote a prescription for a soft collar to wear in the car only. He said I should not wear the collar any other time. I assume it's because he does not want my neck muscles to atrophy for obvious reasons.

He would like to see me back in his office in 6 months to see if the therapy improves anything.

Maxine :0)

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Thanks Amy!

I called to set up the PT, and it will start Thursday-- :wub: . I'm hoping to build some strength back into my legs and arms.

However, I really can't do too much with upper body due to the instability. I can lift two pound weights, and I'm not sure what else can be done, but I'm sure the PT will be able figure it out.

Hopefully they are familiar with EDS, as the PT that wrote the order put EDs in the caution box.

Maxine :0)

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