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Hypokpp: Low Potatssium Reactive Disease


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This may seem totally off the wall, but I read a post the other day, here, that got me to thinking. Someone, I'm sorry I can't remember who wrote it, posted something about myoclonus happening due to ion channel problems (one cause of myoclonus). Maybe I was doing a search and found an old post on the subject. Anyway, I got to researching ion channel problems and came across HypoKPP, HyperKPP and other "channelopathies."

Has anyone ever read about these? They're interesting because they describe reactions that happen in response to eating: bradycardia, muscle stiffness to the point of paralysis, etc. I know there's been a lot posted here about reactions to eating, and I wondered if anyone's been tested for these? Does anyone know anything about them? I've done some reading, but they're technical, like so many other conditions, and kind-of hard to fully understand.

Just still thinking. Hope all of you are having a pots-free weekend.


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