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Sometimes I Think People Think I'm Rude!


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I am no longer able to shop in large stores,I can however sometimes go to a small market or small drug store. I grab onto a cart.but I have shop quickly.

Anyway my point is people talk to me,and I literally walk backwards,and keep walking out of the store, while people are talking,(cause I can,t wait to sit in the car) I seem like I am being rude,anyone have this experience?

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I tell them that I cannot stand and talk at the same time and that if they want to talk to me they have to keep walking. Most of the time people don't want to walk with me and they go off their way. We have to do what we have to do to keep conscious!

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I had the same thing happen while leaving church. I'm often not even well enough to attend an evening service, so when I do go, most of the time I need to keep moving and leave quickly. I know I conveyed that I wanted to sit because the woman commented on it later. I was even wearing my Invisible Illness shirt at the time which said, "But you LOOK good!" Hahaha! It's really hard when you want to be social and can't be, but really, we don't have much choice. Just know you're not alone in this!


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I hear what you are saying!

For years I have simply said "I need to sit down."

I keep talking to the person and move toward a spot to sit. Sometimes there is no spot so I squat on the floor. Thankfully I am limber - probably hyper joint mobility - so I can do this. However rising from the squatting is more problematic with head rushes and the like. I try not to be rude, but also do not want to flake out. People understand or they don't. No one seems to think I'm rude. . . and I would hear. I'm a pastor and people feel free to weigh in on all sorts of things as if my every move is their business!

Good luck. I think we have to do whatever works to keep us as healthy as possible.


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I think your Ok do do what ever you need to do Pat----------------Better then passing out--- :wub: I just tell someone I'm limited on how long I can walk or stand. I fully understand what you mean, and how self conscience it can make you feel.

I'm bad with walking also, and if I walk too fast I get really symptomatic.

If the person your talking to won't stop talking, maybe let them know your limits. Easier said then done, as I know that some people just don't understand this-------------------It actually seems MOST people don't understand this.

I hope your feeling better Pat----- orangeabli.gif

Maxine :0)

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Yes, this is a tough one! People don't understand that sometimes you can walk into a store and walk out, but that doesn't mean that you can stand and chat!

I'm now in a wheelchair whenever I leave the house, but before I was wheelchair bound I would carry a small foldable stool with me into stores. It was very helpful if there was a line at the checkout. Also, if someone stopped me to talk (which was very likely since I lived in a small town where "everyone knows everyone"), then I could just plop down on my stool. I found a small folding caming stool at Wal-Mart for only $7. Just a suggestion...

Take care,


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