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Anyone Found Help With Elavil For Chronic Fatigue Or Pots

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Hi Jan


I first had CFS dx in the mid 80's when called chronic mono, then in late 80's CFS. in 98 discovered I had POTS, so yes, have both. My fatigue gets worse the older I get though I have not hit menopause. I had a partial hyst but still have my ovaries.

I used this drug for cfs way back in the early 90's for my sleep disorder...I have alpha intrusion...even at small doses it made me more tired during the day as it can cause orthostatic hypotention and not react well to ANS problems,

HOWEVER we are all different and respond differently to meds at different times.

I could only use it at the LOWEST possible dose. It is most common for sleep issues.

Since CFS is a broad umbrella, I was using it way back when and never heard of it being specifically for CFS? Mind if I ask where you heard that?

It's usually not a good idea for those with gravity issues but one never knows.

Good luck.


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