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How are you handling the HEAT!!!

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I simply can't function when the temperature gets up around 100. I carry a little spritze bottle of water that helps in the car (even when the air is on) or on the short walk from car to building. But things I would do in the winter (like support hose) are out of the question in the hot days of summer. I can't tolerate any additional clothing.

I dropped 6 pounds in 5 days this week. So I know my body is shutting down. I think I am forgetting some of the basics (like adding more salt -- DUH!)

What tips do you have for beating the heat?



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Don't we all feel your pain! I have been hiding out inside most days, unless the humidity is lower, but taking the baby out to play in early morning and late afternoon when it isn't so bad. There was a post a while back that gave some great advice...check it out:


Stay Cool :)

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Guest Julia59

I can't handle the heat eaither---not even 80 degrees. Yesterday I walked around the parking lot checking out the New Honda's while mine was getting an oil change and checked out for our trip to New York next week-----9 hour drive.

OOOOOOOOO-----what a mistake that was. It was only about 80----but on the black top it felt hotter. Turned my legs to rubber and wiped me out for the rest of the day. The heat makes me feel like a congestive heart failure patient.

I find that holding ice on the back of my lower head and neck is a quick fix---and it does seem to help keep me from getting overly symptomatic. Drinking very cold liquids----and of course the increase in salt. My Bp is low, but I rarely get real low other then the morning hours. I have to be on my feet quite some time before my BP gets real low. I just get wiped out, and when it gets real bad my legs get real weak.......................................

I can't imagine what a 100 degrees would do to me.

Julie :0)

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Good morning. Beating the heat... Two things I rely on are gatorade and neck cobbers. I mix my own gatorade from the powder so it's not as strong. I drink lots of that and water also. For cobbers go to www.simplyoz.com. They are the greatest. I can tolerate the heat soooo much more and don't get as wiped out. They were a lifesaver for me since I refused to confine myself to the house in VA summers. They are reasonably priced and at times have sales. The designs are cute. I've gotten non ANS people wearing them and they love them while working in the yard :) When I wear them I occassionally rotate them on my neck and it's like re-cooling. Beware of the imposters sold in some stores. They aren't as nice and they are smaller in size. Let me know if this is of any help. Mary :)

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I love being outdoors in the summer but have the same problem. I get up early just to enjoy my coffee outside on the deck before it gets too warm. My husband has also made a nice shady spot outside for me too!!!! I usually hibernate during the day, unless in the pool (my favorite no symptoms spot!!!) and come back out in the evening to sit on the porch...The fresh air really does me good!!

Have a great day


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Im not doing well with the heat AT ALL. About three days ago i was tanning by a pool and i started not feeling well. I took my Blood pressure and it was 90/43 and my heart rate was fine my mom went to get me salt and fluids but i had to call her and tell her to hurry because i was feeling alot worse. my heart rate was 118. It was about two min. till she got there and my heart rate was 157. she called an ambulance but it went down so she told them not to bother. it was pretty scary, and i know i cant lay out at all on a hot day, or do much of anything not inside my house on a hot day. Good luck!

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