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Melissa: Out Of Her Bowl And At The L'hopital

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Hello all,

This afternoon (while I was napping) I received a voicemail from Melissa's mom--so I did not get to talk to her directly and unfortunately the message got cut off.

All I know at this point is that Melissa is back in the hospital--and went in Saturday morning at about 3:00 am.

She has pneumonia and various other things going on, but I am not sure of any other details at this point.

Her mom said her blood pressure had been very unstable, but seemed to be stabalizing today.

Please keep Melissa in your thoughts.

I just heard from her less than 12 hours before she was admitted to the hospital--and she was telling me she didn't know why my 'worry gene was turned up' b/c she was fine. Very Eerie.

I'll keep you posted as I am able....

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and prayers...


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Oh boy.. thanks for letting us know emily!

Melissa I hope that your feeling better very soon! my prayers are with you.. love and hugs


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Hi Melissa,

I just want you to know I'm sending lots of love and hugs your way. I'm sorry you're in hospital, and I hope you're back in your fishbowl soon!!!

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Hope your back home very soon.

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I entered the forum today to take a look and came across this sad news about Melissa.

I am so sorry that you has gone to the Hospital again but at least they will help her there to recover.

Dear Melissa,

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Rest and give yourself the time to heal. You will be soon swimming again in your bowl.

Take care,



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Hi everyone,

I spoke with Melissa's mom yesterday and today. Melissa has sepsis again and arrived at the hospital on Saturday with a fever of 103, very low, unstable blood pressure, and pneumonia. She's currently in ICU and is, according to her mom, not able to get cards or flowers because they're still unsure exactly what's making her sick and don't want to expose her to anything (paper carries mites and other "vectors" for bacteria and virii, and of course, plants & flowers carry all sorts of living things with them).

Melissa's mom sounded hopeful that the current medical team seems a bit more interested and motivated to try some different things that may not have been done during prior hospital stays--but keeping in mind that there are no guarantees for answers. While Melissa is "relatively" stabilized, she'll likely be in the hospital a while again.

Thinking of that, I volunteered to print out well wishes made here and mail them to Melissa's mom so she can read them to her. Additionally, I will ask Michelle if she can forward any cards or letters you might wish to send c/o DINET at the official address on the main site.


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