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For Those Of You Who Are Startled Easily...


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This week I tried going off of Toprol XL. (to see if I still needed to be on it, etc.) I only take 1/2 tablet of a 25 mg dose (12.5mg) because my HR actually gets too low with the full dose. The interesting part is that I've noticed being off of it that I am startled SOOO easily (it's miserable!). I also seem to have many more adrenaline surges. I haven't slept as well this week either. I am going back on it as I seem to do much better while on it.

**All this to say I thought I'd post this because some of you may want to know that this medicine helps me with being startled and adrenaline surges.

Take care,


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Toporol XL makes a HUGE difference for me.

Like you, it takes a small amount to do the job, but it is worth it!

I can tell such a difference when I miss a dose or when I got the bright idea to go off it for one reason or another.

Adrenaline surges are the main problem for me. I am so thankful to have some relief with the Toporol.


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