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Prolactin And Weaning


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I am a nurse practitioner in FL. I was diagnosed with POTS 2 years ago. I noticed that during my pregnancy my symptoms worsened severely after 20 weeks then went away for one year starting the day of my delivery. I weaned my son one week ago and now I am having alot of symptoms again. Does prolactin have an effect on pots? I read it could have an inotropic effect on the heart and wondered if the recent drop in my prolactin due to weaning could be stimulating this again.?

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Unfortunately, there have been no studies on hormonal aspects of POTS, despite all the clinical evidence that points in that direction, i.e. predominance of young women affected, worsening of POTS around menstruation, changes in POTS during/after pregnancy and pregnancy as a suspected culprit of POTS for some women. While prolactin can definitely be involved, so could changes in estrogen/progesterone and FSH/LH levels that occur when you stop breastfeading. Hope your symptoms get better soon and your body adjusts to the new hormonal state.

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