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Pots And Gas


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I noticed that when i have a really bad time with POTS when I feel like fainting or weak etc after walking . Almost every time afterwards or even during I get bad gas.

It seem to build up in my limbs as I am walking..I get that feeling of bloatedness or pressure. Or sometimes later on . I'll just get very bad gas and it will continue through the night.

Now I told the doc about this but not being a POTS doc he couldn't see that gas could be caused by waking. Usually it is relieved by walking..

He's looking at it as a gas problem but i'm wondering if the gas ins the result of something else that is happening when I walk. Whatever is happening to produce the POTS symptoms .

I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Having a bad gastrointestinal feeling after a bad POTS day..or even if you've noticed a feeling of bloating or fullness and pressure in the limbs...seems like there is definitely a connection in my case and i' just trying to find out why.

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Yes! I definitely notice that I get gas sometimes when I am having episodes or when I'm exercising. About two days before I got REALLY sick in Dec I also had the worst gas. A couple of others have posted about this before too. I did a web search once and found some postings on a cardiology forum where people thought that the gas feeling was actually irregular heartbeats. I'm not sure if that's it, but I definitely think it's something heart-related.

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For me, it is the other way around. Gas, especially upper GI stuff, makes me much more likely to be tachy. And sometimes a belch (sorry to be graphic) will drop the heart rate instantly. I am very careful now about how much and what I eat. Whenever my heart seems to "flip", if I wait a second or two, some upper gas will move.

Walking may just move it around, but maybe it doesn't cause the gas.

No fun.


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I am very gassy full stop due to various stomach things but if I try and do anything I end up getting windy stomach pains, botty burps and quite often a full blown stomach upset along with the tachy, adrenaline surge, heavy feeling, weakness, shaky, breathing problems etc etc.

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thanks to all who answered.

I find this helpful. at least I know that there does seem to be a connection. See I was asking the wrong people..doctors.;p

anyway, it's interesting how some of you mentioned that you have gas prior to the episode. i always thought of it coming from the episode but now I'm wondering if there might be a GI problem proceeding the event. I've never noticed it but I now i will be aware of it and see if i might have had signs prior to an episode.(sorry don't know what else to call it.)

I'm wondering if any doctors that do studies like Dr. Bell have looked at this issue.

thanks again All.


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