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Picked Up Actual Mri Report Today


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Hi---me again........ :rolleyes:

I picked up my MRI report. It doesn't seem all that bad, but then again the surgeon almost always has thier own opinion, and it's always different from the report from the radiologist most of the time------for me anyway.

When I called the surgeons office last week the orthopedic surgeon was out of town, but the MRI was shown to another surgeon, and he said there were four separate issues, and she said I need to make an appointment to discuss this in person with the surgeon. Appointment is on the 23rd this month. The orthopedic surgeon said I have instability of the cervical/cranial junction based on the pannus growth formation on the odontoid bone, and that this growth is getting larger comparing MRIs from 2004 to 2006. No instability was mentioned in this MRI report, but it wasn't on any of my reports before. Two surgeons have said it's there, and another one has appreciated the pannus growth, but didn't feel it was anything to worry about.

This report from July 30th shows several buldging disks/herniated disks at c 3-4, c 4-5, c 7-t 1, t 1-2. t 2-3, L5/s1, congenital cervical stenosis throughout cervical spine, abnormal signal intensity within the L3 vertebral body, showing an osseous hemangioma.

I know I have problems at the cervical/cranial junction, but hopefully the surgeon will say the pannus growth on the odontoid bone has not spread. That area slips a lot, and it's hard to see this on an MRI------the surgeon told me that it will probably not be reflected on the report. The pannus growth is usually a red flag that something in that area is not normal. All I know is the stabbing pains I get at the base of my skull aren't any fun.

Maxine :0)

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glad you got your paws on the actual report...now hopefully next wk you and your doc can figure something out.. so that you not suffering so much all the time...thats alot of bulging disc to have by golly...that issue alone will make you feel like pooo

hang in there love


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Hi Maxine,

I'm a new member and just happened upon this site when I was looking up info. on retroflexed

odontoid with pannus formation when one of your postings came up. I was quite amazed when I readyour symptoms and diagnosis's which are almost identical to mine. I think it would be advantageous to contact one another to compare are cases and see what we can learn. Let me

know what you think.


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Thanks Ernie, Dizz, and Shawnee------ :)

Dizz, I was surprised about the radiologist reporting anything, as the radiologist usually doesn't put much of anything on the report, or minimizes any finding. Two of the neurosurgeons I saw told me about my diagnosis or the instability/pannus growth formation on the odontoid bone, the congenital cervical spine stenosis and other spine issues. The orthopedic surgeon diagnosed a combination of what both neurosurgeons saw.

I'm just wondering what "four different issues" the orthopedic surgeon wants to discuss with me at the appointment. Actually, it's the surgeon covering for him while he was out of town who mentioned the four different issues. I hope the orthopedic surgeon changes that for the better--- :(

Ernie, when you have three rare conditions that certain doctors blow off----or don't know anything about, you end up reading a lot, and learning a lot of medical terminology. It helps that I took medical terminology classes along with anatomy/physiology, but this was for the purpose of medical coding/medical billing. When I got my SSDI file, apparently I'm obsessed with describing my medical symptoms, and that my ONLY hobby is researching my alleged illnesses when I was analyzed by the SSDI psychiatrist----LOL----- ;) I know you mean this as a compliment Ernie, and thank you for understanding me all this time.

I think your a good person------and I pray good things come to you.

OH, and I found out that I have above average math skills----------------(that's news to me---- ;)) They diagnosed somatic disorder--------------------------- :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:The judge at the hearing had the report thrown out/dismissed. He only listened to the testimony of the medical expert, and closed the hearing without testimony of the psychologist, or vocational expert. The vocational expert was there in person, and did not object. However, the psychologist/PhD tried to testify via video, and the judge told her the hearing is OVER.

The medical evidence in my file along with the testimony of the ME was enough for a fully favorable decision. I'm proud that I fought for myself, and didn't win my SSDI benefits based on a psychiatric conditions. Others aren't as lucky, and have this kind of diagnosis stuck in their file forever.

Shawnee, I will send you a PM------------thanks for responding-- ;)

Take Care,

Maxine :0)

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Hi Maxine,

Yes I meant this as a compliment. I am so sorry that some people mistreated you because of your knowledge!

I understand what you mean when you say that you have to learn about your disorder because it is a rare one. I have to do the same thing with my paralysis and syncope. We have to know as much or more than the doctors to ensure that we have proper treatment.

Thanks for understand that I had good intentions with my comment (I am sorry to have stir up some bad memories).


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AWE-----your OK Ernie--------- ;)

You didn't stir anything up that wasn't already there.

I'm struggling with a lot of bitterness, not just because of what I went through, but other friends with ANS disorders, EDS ect.----and of course what my mother had to go through.. That was just plain dumb-----no person should go through that kind of cruelty.

If I had the strength, I would see to it that not one other person would have to suffer with this kind of ignorance again.

I see you have had you fair share of this Ernie, but I'm so proud of you that you keep getting back up when you get kicked down by this insane ignorance.

I admire your courage--- ;)


Julie :0)

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