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This May Be Off Topic, But...


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Hi, everyone.

I hope everyone's having a symptom-free day.

Just wondering, within the past few days, I've noticed white lines that run horizontal across my fingernails. They are single lines that separate the nail into two pink parts. They kind of curve around, from side to side. I've looked up photos on the net, and they look like either Mees Lines or Muerhcke's (spelling) lines. I can't tell the difference between the two.

I do know that Mees Lines come with arsenic poisoning, and last checked, my arsenic level was 33 on a scale of 0-50. Anyone know anything about acceptable levels of arsenic, about when someone who start having symptoms?

Muerhcke's lines come with hypoalbumin levels. Mine were checked yesterday and were normal. These lines can also come with renal, liver or heart failure, I think. I have none of those, although my GFR for kidney function is a little low, at 69 and my BUN was up (25), but still considered normal.

Could a vitamin deficiency cause these types of lines? I've been all over the internet, and I can't really find any answers. My doctor doesn't know what they are. He "knows they mean something, but he can't think what." He thinks I should investigate arsenic poisoning as it can cause many of the symptoms I've been experiencing since last year (the GI stuff, mainly) and these lines. I had these lines last year, as well, then they went away.

I know this has nothing to do with Dysautonomia, but I'm thinking, we all seem to suffer with vitamin deficiencies at one time or another. Anyone else ever have these horizontal, single, kind of smiley-shapped lines come with your deficiency?



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Briarrose, you're a peach. And, thank you, everyone, who chimed in. Mine look like the Mees' lines. My doctor said he knows the lines mean something, just can't remember what. I wouldn't be surprised if they were from some deficiencies.

Again, thank you for the time you put into that search. I had seen a couple of the sites, but not all. The pics are especially helpful.


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