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Eating Problems


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sorry to be asking about eating again, but this is just such a huge huge problem for me in so many ways, but specifically i wanted to know if any of you get colder and colder, and get goosbumps as you are eating, even only little amount of food? and of course so so hyper and shaky too! could it be that the blood is going away from the skin to the stomach so that makes you so cold? and i get terrible pressure crushing headaches, with pressure in my ears, in my neck sometimes, and upper chest too, but no kind of burning or esophagus problems. any input would be appreciated, thanks


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I too get very cold after eating a meal. It could be 90 degrees and soon after I finish eating I get cold and yes goosebumpy. I can not tolerate even the slightest bit of colder weather. And living in NY we know it gets very cold a good part of the year. Just the other day the humidity dropped down and I was cold while everyone else was loving the beautiful temps. But as far as eating goes I too always get very cold afterwards. Don't really know what that's about, or why that happens it just does..

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