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I want to share the good news with you.

As you all know I went to see Dr Grubb in June and he prescribed me Cymbalta. I had problems getting it because it is not yet here in Canada.

It took me a lot of creativity and imagination to get my prescription but I finally got it today.

I can't wait to try it tomorrow. I hope I don't have any side effects from it.

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Yea ernie!! Im so very happy for you! I really hope that cymbalta help you!!

i was on cymbalta for a while and its one of the few meds that offered me any kind of relief.. i hope that you get some relief sweetie!



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hi ernie!


i've always admired your perseverance, it helps you to get what you need. well done!!!

now, i wanted to ask you in what way cymbalta helps you, as i just saw another topic about this same question. do you think you could answer this (here or at the other topic)? if you think that is too personal you could always email or pm me of course.

hope you are doing well,

thinking about you,

corina :)

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Thats wonderful new Ernie! I'm glad you've found someone to help you feel better :(

Funny thing, I'm waiting for my medication to come in from Canada. hehe Only 18 more days!

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