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We Will Be Able To Go For A Short Holiday!!!!


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oh boy, i am so VERY happy!!!!!!!!!

my hubby managed to rent us a groundfloor appartment at a cornwall beach!!!!!!! i am almost bursting of joy: i LOVE the sea and shore and now we will be able to go to sleep with the sound of the waves and during the days we will actually be at the beach, and the boys just walk out of the apartment to go for a swim or play football or whatever. not to forget that we will go see my dad and stepmom who live at a 15 minutes drive.

the reason i am so very very happy is, that i haven't seen my dad for more than a year now AND as we are very busy with our home (for almost a year now) we will at least have ONE WEEK in which we have the time for ourselves and our family without john having to do any kind of job inn or around our home!!!

we've rented the apartment from august 25th till september first. i will be celebrating my birthday in perranporth this year. i am so very very very happy, i just thought i'd share with my dear friends here at the forum!!!

hope you are all doing as well as you can,

a very very very happy corina :lol::):)

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I am so happy for you and your family,and a little jealous,the ocean and falling asleep to the sound of waves, are 2 of my favorite things. Have a glorious time,and don't forget to share the details,Pat

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I shall bake you a birthday cake .......................XXXXX

grab a bottle of champagne.................XXXXX

some roses ....................XXXXXXX

And meet you and your family on the beach sometime near your birthday :lol::)

So how many candles do I put on it 18 , 21 or 25 ?

OMG am I so excited , cant wait to see you all , dont over do it before then , wrap yourself in cotton wool roll yourself up in cling film and sit still with the last Harry Potter book to read .

Ohhhhh , you wait until I tell my husband your coming , he just won't believe me .

Bye for now only 17 days until the UK beaches Ami XXXXX

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hey guys,

i do realize that i am VERY priviledged to make this trip as well healthwise (thanks to the van we bought 2 years ago which makes me able to travel) as financially. i am very thankful for that. and i so wish i could put all of you in a big suitcase to enjoy a week without doctors or any other trouble, just to have fun and relax (and surprise ami who would be astonished when we would meet and all of you were there too :lol::):) ).

i will certainly make pictures and will send them to katherine so that you all can have a look into our holidays!!

thanks so much for being enthousiastic with me!!!

take care,

corina :)

ps ami: i'm looking forward to the champagne ;):lol:

ps flop: are you somewhere in the area as well???

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oh btw ami, i would be VERY honoured if you would put 25 candles at the birthdaycake!!! in fact, i will be 44 on august 31. where did all those year go???!!!

but please, don't feel obliged to make me a cake etc., it will be MORE than enough to just be able to meet you and your family. hope everything will go wel and we all will be feeling great!!!

corina :lol:

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Yesterday Wednesday 28th August I spoke with Corina on the phone :P

With just 35-40 miles between us now I hope today , if I'm still OK to get my husband to drive me down to Cornwall to meet her for the very first time .

One of the reasons I haven't been on here much is that although I always come on 'all cheerful and well' in fact .................what you cant see .............you dont know . :( and I'm not that good at the minute.

When Corina started to speak to me , becuase my stress level rose my voice dropped about 3 pitches and I had a job speaking because of this :wub: once I had 'calmed down' my voice started to rise again which sounds quite funny when you are speaking to me , it reminds me of my son when his voice was braking , some 3-4 years ago , that sort of hi-low low-hi and everything in between voice when you dont quite know whats going to come out !

As its Corina birthday I bought her something that she can keep that will remind her of being in the UK and meeting our family ...................everytime she looks at it , well I hope B)

I decided to buy Corina a ring of friendship , to remind her that friendship has no end to it , it is a continuing time of caring about each other , being there when things get tough, listening to one another , giving support and understanding even when things are bad for you at that time . A true friend never turns there back on you , never makes fun of what you say when times are bad and always contacts you when you haven't been around for a while .

This sum's up Corina :P so I'm hoping that for all the care and understanding she has not only given me , but others on this site , she will take the gift I have found her ......................its rather pretty and I'm sure when she returns home she will tell you all about it .

I'm going to try and go back to bed now as its 2 .15 am in the morning in the UK , I'm still feeling very sick , but at least I'm not shaking anymore now , blooming body :wub: Willows.

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