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Proteins / Albumin Seen In Urine


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I was looking over some blood and urine test results that my neuro from Cleveland Clinic had run. Under the urine test, it said that album and some other proteins were seen in my urine. They didn't say in large quantities, just that they were "seen." I know that protein in the urine means that the kidneys are not functioning like they should, yet I just had another urine test done the other day, after my ERCP, and there were "negative" proteins in the urine. I have read, too, that albumin and others are specifically looked for and aren't usually found on a routine urine test. (Am I correct so far?)

Anyway, I called our "Ask-A-Nurse" service about this, as I was concerned and my doctor was out of town, and she read some things that said everyone has a little albumin and other proteins in their urine, and that doctors only become concerned when they're in large quantities. Is this accurate to all of you in the know?

Also, she said that the lab putting down that they're seen, without listing numbers, means they're in low numbers, not enough to worry anyone. All you lab techs out there, true?

Oh, and my doctor never mentioned it to me, so she finally said that if my doctor saw it and wasn't concerned, then it wasn't anything to be concerned about. Again, how true is this?

I've gotten to the point that I don't really trust anyone about my test results until I've talked with all of you.

Oh, and I'm having lower back pain. I don't have any fluid retention, high blood pressure or anything that relates to kidney failure, just back pain and weird smelling urine. No pain on urination, either.



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