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Anyone Have Problems With Orthodontic teatment Or Tattoos??

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Hi everyone. I am curious as to the relation to pain, dental work, and other factors when it comes to POTS or any other dysautonomia. I notice sometimes pain will increase my heart rate, and am hoping this won't be an issue with dental work or tattoos. The reason I ask is because I am about to get braces put on (as an adult, I am nearly 30) and wonder what effect, if any, will be experienced in addition to the normal ortho pain felt by "normal" people.

I am also planning on getting a small tattoo on my lower back and wonder about that as well.

Any one with dysautonomia, and POTS in particular, if you have had ortho treatment or a tattoo can you please tell me your experience? I am really worried about this. Of course the tattoo would be elected. But the ortho is needed.

Please help.


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thats funny you ask about the tattoo, I have been contemplating the idea myself. I did talk to Dr. Grubb about this. He is anti-tattoo "period". But I still would like to know anyones experience with this.



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Lauren, I had braces for two years when I was sick and I didn't find it too painful. Sometimes when they change the wires or bands you will be sore like you have loose teeth and have to eat soft food, but other then that I had no problem at all.

I talked to my ortho and his hygenists about my health and they were very accomidating. If its just braces I don't think you'll have a problem, be sure to make brushing a priority. My ortho said that if I am out somewhere and can't brush after eating to just wet a travel toothbrush and rub it around.

You might want to invest in a waterpick, they work wonderfully and take a lot less energy that flossing!


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i would hazard to guess that dr. grubb is against the idea solely b/c they do come with risk. and while the risk itself may not be higher for those with dysautonomia relative to other folks, if one of the risks did manifest the implications could theoretically have a much greater impact on those who tend to be more sensitive. my PCP is also very anti-tattoo & if there would be any doc who one would think would be all for them it would be her as she's very "out of the box" so to speak in many ways. i've never had the discussion with her but my mom has (for herself) & this doc is dead set against it too as she feels it's just not worth the risks...and that's for anyone, not just for someone who already has health issues. i've said at times that i'd love to have a tattoo but wouldn't actually get one, aka if i could get a permanant rub-on version i'd be all for it! i can't say i'd feel the same way if my health issues weren't as over the top though. i wouldn't have concern about the temporary pain but rather the complications - however rare - that are always a possibility. that said, this is the same reason i doubt i would ever have surgery that wasn't medically necessary...even if my health were to improve dramatically. i just have too much on my plate that IS necessary in terms of risks, infections, etc and spend enough time under the knife, getting stuck with needles, etc as is. so while i'd theoretically love to have lasik so that i could see the clock next to my bed without glasses/ contacts, i doubt i'd ever do it. but that's way more than you wanted to know!!!

i had braces/ orthodontic misc. years ago without any problem (just the standard soreness) but while i may have had some inklings of dysautonomia then it wasn't a huge issue at the time.

B) melissa

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I have had both ortho treatment (braces) AND got a tattoo four years or so ago.......I never had a problem, in regard to my POTS, with either...........

braces hurt - no doubt about it -- both when you first get them put on and then every month or two (i cant remember the time frame in between) when they "tighten them up" ......it hurts for a day or two afterwards every time they have to tighten them, but it's not the end of the world.......the hardest thing for me with braces was when i first got them on -- both the pain and then also the effect it had one my gums for the first week or so -- made them feel "mushy" -- probably because the metal was pushing into the gum and making them soar....

as for the tattoo .......i had no problems whatsoever, if you find a good tat artist and a good tat shop where they are very cautious on sterile procedures, you'll be fine. i know that sounds funny to think that someone jamming a needle repeatedly into your back to create art form would be concerned about infection, but a GOOD one will be. many of them actually have to take classes about sterile procedure and precaution. my tattoo is in the small lower portion of my back and is a messianic jewish star of david with "Jesus" written in the middle.....it's a cool design and i couldnt think of anything more significant or with greater perspective to have as a tattoo.......just remember that it is permanent and whatever the design, make sure it is something that will always find meaning and/or significance to you........because you're likely to regret getting it if it's not.

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Thank you everyone for your input and replies.

I know tattoo are a cause for concern with infection, mainly Hepatitis. I would not go to a tattoo artist who didn't have an autoclave in their office and perform appropriate infection control procedures. I am in the medical field, so they couldn't pull one over on me! I appreciate you pointing that out to Angela, because a lot of people probably don't know what to look for in infection control so I appreciate you mentioning it! And you are right, a good tat artist should be very concerned with the sterility of their needles, etc. Outside of that, I have also had the Hep A and B vaccinations (due to medical field), so a little added protection there. I am glad to hear you got one without any problems Angela, and that it was significant meaning to you also. I think that is very important...since it will be there forever. The one I am getting is in the same location as yours, and will be a calla lily which had very special meaning to me.

Good to know the ortho issues are just the standard issues. I know to expect the traditional pain with tightening, etc. Fun fun. LOL.

Melissa, your post made me laugh. And I can't see my alarm clock either! LOL. I love the idea of lasik, I do not, however, love the idea of someone coming toward my eye with a laser and cutting pieces of my cornea. Totally freaks me out. So, until they develop an even better way I guess I will stick with the contacts during the day, and "blindness" when I am sleeping. B)

Thanks again everyone. I feel a lot more reassured and plan on going through with both in the near future. Will let you know how it fares for me!

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Call me old fashioned but I can not BELIEVE anybody would WANT to risk tattoo!

Some of us with debilitating POTS can have pain trigger our symptoms. Repeating needle sticking is bad idea. I had some very painful needle aspirations over the years and one last week that caused more pain for days and wore me out..had to use lots of ice packs and stuff. But I realize many on here feel better than I and some others.

Also not just hepatitis but other infections and REACTIONS to the dye used?

I realize to each his own but tattoos are just...well never mind.

My body has enough going on to throw something into the pot. Just like all these kids with bizarre piercings. But at least you can removed things and let piercings heal over.

A tattoo is FOREVER.

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I kind of opened a can of worms on this one huh guys? :)

I can understand where you are coming from Sophia. It seems that people I have met in my life are either very pro-tattoo or extremely against it...and naturally everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I am a both person in a sense. I am not against them, obviously. But like a lot of things I think they can be taken to the extreme, and I also think some look very trashy. So I guess I am for a nice, small, sensible and personal tattoo in an appropriate place on the body that has meaning for you, but can also be easily covered up for work, or whatever. But yes, they are FOREVER...so once you decide to get one you better make sure you think long and hard and that you like it.

I have been thinking about mine for 2 years now. And hey, it will be on my back, so if I am 80 and don't like it I won't be able to see it well anyway! :lol:

I have heard lately about people having reactions to dyes. I am going to do more research on that, now that you brought that back to my attention. Of course I will do thorough research on the tattoo establishment and artist as well.

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Okay Sophia, I will call you old fashioned :lol:

Where I live, tatoo places are highly regulated. Granted, there is always risk of infection--but one could say that also about getting one's ears pierced at the mall. I have wanted a tatoo for years and probably will get one at some point. I've had my navel pierced for almost 13 years--and I had it done at a place that Teri and I had researched and she personally looked over their autoclave, their sterilized packs, etc. (she had been in charge of the sterile processing departments at the largest US naval hospital (ha, ha, not navel)). I don't regret it one bit. Keep in mind, Lauren, that pain, which there will be some of, is likely to set off some of your autonomic problems. Make sure someone goes with you so you can have them drive you home if you feel ill.

Lauren, I hope you don't mind but I will be changing your title b/c when I see "ortho" I think of orthopedist, not orthodotist.


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I had braces for 3 years as a teenager, and I don't think there's any reason to fear that a POTS patient would experience more pain with them than normal. Braces can be pretty uncomfortable for anyone, but it's usually manageable.

If you have EDS, there may be different issues involved, or if you have experience with different reactions to pain or nerve issues as such. I don't think the pain is at a high enough level to cause or worsen POTS symptoms as other severe pain might.

I also have a small tattoo on my lower back. I got it 4 years ago (wow, that long ago?!) and have had no problems. I have some piercings, too, and haven't had any problems with these either. The pain associated with either of these was so minor...nothing compared to a needle aspiration or even getting blood drawn. For me the color didn't hurt at all.. the black ink hurt a tiny bit, but mostly because I was surprised when I felt it...seriously, I'm talking plucking a hair. As long as you go to a reputable place, they will be sanitary using disposable tools and gloves and sanitized everything...I mean I would feel less at risk of anything there than at a hair or nail salon.

Believe me, the braces were the worse of the two!! And because I was a stupid teenager and didn't wear the retainer because I was living abroad and not seeing an orthodontist and not caring, now my teeth are more crooked than they were to begin with!


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I didn't say that needle aspiration wasn't painful.

Please read what I wrote in full before making such harsh comments.

Thank you.

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