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Two Quick Questions: One About Bp


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Morning, everyone,

Two quick questions:

First one about bp: Anyone ever have a low systolic and higher diastolic, like 93 / 80? My son, a tech, said that the numbers should be at least 25 points apart to be "normal." What do you all think?

Second question: Anyone here have his or her gallbladder removed, then experience diarrhea, gastritis, and all kinds of GI problems? What did you do? Do you take enzymes? Do they help? What kind do you take?



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your first ? relates to pulse pressure, mine is not normal either. Below is a link and comment on that. Its a good site but not a proffesional medical site, so subject to error.


"Patients often have measurably low standing pulse pressure, which can be an indicator of venous pooling."

this site,says


Narrowed pulse pressure (<30 mmHg)

1. Causes

1. Tachycardia

2. Severe Aortic Stenosis

3. Constrictive Pericarditis

4. Pericardial effusion

5. Ascites

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I can relate to the gall bladder aspect. I do get diahhrea really bad. That was actually the first symptom that I had with the gall problem sludge. About a month later, I started Mestinon and the problem really increased.

I tried pancrease at meals. I didn't notice any difference. I also tried cholesteramine. No difference.

At this point, my solution is to always know where the ladies room is when I am out--if you get my drift.


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Yes! I have had a gallbladder removal several years ago and I have diarrhea quite often. Like the last post, I try to know where the restroom is and take my urge to "go" seriously. I haven't really tried any intervention. One doc suggested I take 2-3 days of Metamucil when the symptoms are at their worst with the thought that the fiber would absorb the excess bile. I'm not so fond of fiber supplements so I don't do that.

Soon after my surgery a friend told me to never go anywhere without being knowledgeable as to where the bathrooms are located. Turns out she is right! I am a pastor and my often and fervent prayer is that the cramping, horrible pain that accompanies the impending diarrhea doesn't strike while I am in the pulpit!!!

I don't know about the bp question.


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