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For Those Of You Considering Ercp For Pancreas Problems:


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For anyone considering ERCP for pancreas or Sphincter of Oddi problems, I had mine on Monday at Indiana University in Indianapolis, with Dr. Glen Lehman. He's the top doctor in the world, I was told, for ERCP. If anyone has any questions about the procedure, I'd be glad to try and answer them.

The procedure, which is a surgery, is my third procedure in three months. I tell you what, I'm whipped and my POTS is a wreck! I had my heart ablated during a five-hour procedure in May, an enteroscopy in June, and now the ERCP with sphinterotomy (sp?) just last Monday. I have diarrhea, pain, weight loss and POTS acting up. Fun, fun. All this, and no guarantee that the surgery worked.

Anyway, anyone wanting to talk about it, just post.

Hugs, Linda

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