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Rotating Benzos


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It's more whether the PERSON is prone to be addicted.

I have used Klonopin since 1990 and am still on low doses for sleep..anywhere from 1/4 mg to half mg to some nights, need a whole one.

That hasn't changed in 1990.

My doc says either a pt is an addictive person or they are not.

I have been UNABLE to work or do daily functions due to horrible sleep problems as well ...so I would rather take something to aid in sleep than to be MORE sleep deprived than I already am.

Also, I sometimes take .25 xanax for adrenalin surges before I leave the house to walk thru a grocery store or do short workouts at the Y with lower body equipment.

Neither prescription do I use all the refills..so, if you are CONCERNED about addicition, check family history and how YOU react to the meds.

Otherwise, if taking the med IMPROVES YOUR FUNCTION and QUALITY OF LIFE to do more, it's not an 'addiction'.

If it interferes with family, (work for those still able to work) relationships, or you crave the drugs when they wear off, THEN you are addicted.

I hope you can decide what is RIGHT FOR YOU and do NOT feel guilty if a med HELPS YOU.


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thanks so much for your input and taking the time to reply, i never take anything on a regular basis and try to take just half tablet of the smallest dose, i did notice on first day of taking xanax i was much more moody and felt more angry, but not like that with ativan, maybe it was just coincidence but i am sure each med affects each person differently.


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