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Can't Seem To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning - So Tired!!

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Anyone else have an extremely hard time getting out of bed in the morning? Maybe it is because I don't go to bed until 11:00 and toss and turn a lot during the night (I can't remember the last time I slept through the night...maybe 6 years ago before I had kids). Anyway, I'm dragging out of bed at 9:00 in the morning. I just lie in bed, and I am so tired that I don't want to move. My girls are usually begging me to get up. However, when I do get up, I'm usually fine. Why is it that I am so exhausted like that and then fine once I get moving?

If people knew I slept until 9:00 every morning, they would think I was so lazy...shhh, don't tell :)

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I don't think your lazy. I sleep in too. :) We don't put our 1 1/2 year old to bed until 9:30 or 10pm so that he also sleeps in! I never get out of bed before 9:15, and not before 10:00 or 11:00 usually. I go to bed (as in actually lie down in bed) around 10pm or 11pm. A well meaing person once told me that I should go to bed earlier so that I can get up earlier, but that just doesn't work! It takes me so long to "wind down" from the day, shower, change into pjs, etc. that I'd have to start getting ready for bed at 4pm to be in bed by 8pm. But too much is still going on then - phone calls coming in, supper, driving back from doctors appointments, etc. Plus, sometimes it is actually cool enough to go onto the back porch after 4pm and watch my son play. Why would I want to miss that?

Anyway, all that to say, yes, I have a hard time getting out of bed. My muscles are also extremely weak in the mornings. My doctors attributed this to POTS. Do you ever have that? I recenlty posted a topic on it, but so far no one has said that they struggle with the same thing. So now I'm wondering if it really is POTS or something else that causes my muscles to be so weak in the morning (or if I wake up in the night).

Once my body and muscles "wake up" I'm doing a little better and can walk around the house some on my own. Balancing enough exercise/movement with rest is tough. If I lie down for too long then I get really tired and it is hard to want to move. But if I sit up too much or try to do too much then I get really tired too. The tired thing is different from the muscle weakness in the morning thing.

I didn't used to feel so tired while lying down. I'm wondering if my blood isn't flowing well while lying down now too. My supine bp used to be 120/70. But now it is between 80/55 and 90/60. My doctors can't explain the change. I'm waiting to go to a specialist to ask him. But my thought is perhaps the low bp is what makes me so tired when I lie down during the day. I just feel so awful that I don't want to move. If I do move then it helps a little and I feel like my blood is flowing better. But then I get so exausted that I have to lie down! Agh!

Wish I had an answer for your question, but I'm still trying to figure out some of the same things!


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Your not lazy------------Dang that's early for me--- :)

I need to sleep at least 8 hours to not feel like I'm crashing the entire day.

I also have apnea, and my quality of sleep is poor. I haven't had a chance to have the sleep study completed with the c-pap machine. We tried once, then all kinds of things happened in my life in addition to my health issues---Doctor visits out of town ect.

When your struggling with a chronic illness, you need to proper amount of sleep. Without it were sunk---- :)

Maybe you need to see what's going on---maybe a visit to your Doc...

My BP get's really low too----I get real sluggish, and I can't move around much at all.

Hope you feel more rested soon--- :(

Take Care Dear,

Maxine :0)

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Don't even get me started on mornings... :blink::)

Yes, I have a horrible time trying to get up!!! You aren't lazy -- 9am sounds great to me! But I understand -- my friends realize that I'm "not a morning person" but sometimes I do feel like other people see it as laziness -- HARDLY! :)

I have a hard time getting up at 11am and noon some days. I just feel "dead" like my muscles aren't ready to get going -- and neither is my head. :) I also feel most nauseous/sick to my stomach right when I wake up -- which half the time just makes me fall asleep longer because I don't want to wake up and feel it. My eyes also burn bad in the mornings, which makes putting in contacts impossible on some days. :lol:

It does help -- and I'm sure a lot of you do this -- if I take my meds while sitting up in bed when I wake up. I usually take it with gatorade and try to drink a whole one before I get out of bed. I also have a breakfast bar with it so I'm not taking medicine on an empty stomach. Then -- isn't it fun being POTSy? -- I have to "dangle" my legs off the bed (my bed is pretty high up) and get circulation going until I can actually get out of bed/stand up. Sometimes they're numb, and I have to smack them around to get the purple-ish color out and get some feeling back in them -- :lol:

There have been times where I jump out of bed and forget I have POTS, but that usually ends with my butt on the floor. :lol:

My mornings being a pain in my butt -- that's the main thing I would LOVE to get rid of right now! Especially since I'm trying to finish my Bachelor's...a lot of classes are morning classes, and I would love to be able to go to them instead of having to go mid-afternoon/night. Not to mention that I feel like the whole day has gone by/is wasted by the time I feel good enough to actually get anything done.

I went to a sleep doctor (I'm so technical) & he was so confused by this whole thing -- nausea, eyes burning, general "blah-ness" -- and he just told me to get a normal sleep schedule going. That's it. Thanks, doc.

In general, it doesn't matter if I would go to bed at 6pm the day before - 7am would be out of the question, because all of those symptoms are present no matter what. Although, I have noticed -- this is weird -- that if I happen to fall asleep, and then wake up in the middle of the night (say 4am) and stay up through 8am or so, I don't have those symptoms as bad. Whereas if I went to bed and didn't wake up all night, then tried to wake up at 8am, I would feel sick. Its like I'm more "with it" if I'm awake while it's becoming morning. How convenient. :lol:

Chrissy :)

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