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Hr Was 200 And...

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ok.....so to make a very long story short, i am still on 40 mg's of my beta...i forgot to take it this morning (last dose i took was 5am the day before) and went into work....my knees started shaking a bit, felt a little wobbly, and was trying to figure out why they felt that way -- and then it dawned on me, while at work, WITHOUT any backup beta with me, that i had forgotten to take my beta this morning! oh boy....so i was just going to wait til i got home to take it, but had to try and get through a 7 hour shift first -- with wobbly legs....i tried getting my meds through the ED without being a patient but they wouldnt do it, so then they tried getting my beta through the pharmacy and they were out of stock of the particular beta i'm on...........ugh. so my only option was to become a patient in a VERY busy ER....i didnt want to do this because they were busy, but after about 6 nurses standing over me upstairs on the cardiac floor and hooked up to telemetry with a rate of 200, they wanted me to go down to the ED.....

went down to the ED, and actually didnt feel all that bad - just wobbly/weak feeling in the legs and they were all shocked that i hadnt passed out yet after, EVEN while sitting, rates of 180, and standing at 200 for a good 4 hours straight. i would have just tried to finish the shift and then get my meds when i went home, but the only concern was that my legs would feel too weak to "work"........not that i'd pass out or anything....

anyway, long story short they gave me like 40 mg's IV lopressor and also my 40 mg oral sotalol, and back to 80 BPM lying down ...the doc was trying to feed me more beta because he kept doing orthostatics on me and the rates would still jump to 140+ -- he said he didnt feel comfortable with that rate. LOL. oh my gosh, i started laughing and told him that a rate of 140 was pretty normal for me and had been for 5 years......anyway, they finally let me go -- no fluids or anything , didnt even feel like i needed them, just a bunch of beta on board did the trick.....

wondering, anyone not need a bunch of IV fluids to feel better? seems like many here always need IV fluids to feel better.....

actually, i wasnt even feeling all that bad at 200 BPM and didnt feel bad after all the beta they gave me too (my BP didnt drop out or anything, didnt feel like passing out,etc) .........see, it's times like these that i wonder if this is truly pots..........it seems to fluctuate though, i've been at 200 and have felt like crud, more "potsy" presenting and then felt like tonight, not too too bad....its wierd...

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Sounds like you had quiet a day! I'm glad they were able to eventually get some meds for you!! Glad you weren't feeling TOO too bad. It's funny how we change our ratings of how we're feeling based on how bad we have been, not on how healthy we have been.

My doctor was once checking my upright pulse pressure. He told me to sit down as soon as I needed to. While continually taking my bp my doc kept asking how I was doing and I kept saying, "I'm fine." I was shaky, weak, dizzy, getting nauseated, but what else was new? I'd been worse. Finally my doc made me sit down because my pulse pressure was almost 0! :)

Yeah, we learn to live with a lot and just push through it. POTS symptoms can fluctuate, and I've found that how I'm feeling doesn't always go along with my hr and bp.

I've never tired IV fluids, though there have been times I needed them. I don't even know how I'd convince the ER about what I need. I usually just push the Gatorade when I'm in need of fluids.

Glad you made it through your day at work!

Take care,


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hey rachel, thanks for your message!

it is so crazy to think how out of wack your HR can be, or ANYTHING in your body for that matter, and how well we seem to adapt -- well, some of us. i think probably why i seem to do okay the majority of the time is because my heart has probably been doing this for years.....actually a mayo clinic EP doc told me i was probably born with it (actually my mom had to have a c-section because my HR was flying off handle and the doc thought they were going to lose me! lol. the cardio at mayo thought there was significance to this but my EP doc didnt think much of it, says it happens a lot in pregnancy)...........

anyway, i wont forget to take my meds again, that's for sure! whoa, quite a response from just missing a single dose! :P

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