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So Many Questions, I Know. Now, About Neuropathy...

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Hi, again,

I'm just full of questions right now, I know. Those of you who have neuropathy, can you tell me what it feels like to you? I was told that I have small fiber neuropathy. Is that the same as peripheral neuropathy?

Here are my symptoms. Do these sound like any one of you?

* Bottom of feet burn at night. Beginning to creep up my calves.

* Muscles twitch. Not all the time, but more frequently than used to. Some big twitches, others like little butterflies under the skin.

* Muscle pain and weakness, especially where the sweat box test showed neuropathy.

* Mild fluid retention under eyes and in hands. Is this part of neuropathy?

* Stiffness in muscles. Getting hard to write, type and walk.

* Breathing troubles.

* Swallowing difficulties.

* Still a great deal of gastric upset.

* Dizziness, especially if I bend to pick something up, even after getting out of an elevator.

* Irregular heartbeats more frequent.

Anyone else? Is this just simple neuropathy or something else? I've been trying to get my neurologist to see me (won't even return phone calls) and my new internal medicine doctor (I'll see you in two months, she said, with no addressing the progressing neuropathy). Pathetic!

I'm really worried that my symptoms over the course of the past year sound like amyloidosis. I know that awful disease has been addressed here a couple of times. Can anyone tell me if I sound like that could be my problem? I had a clear bone marrow biopsy last year. Would that rule out amyloidosis?

Thanks, everyone. Linda

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To me neuroapthy feels like tight gloves or bands all over body..I get tingling, muscle twitches,numb feeling all over, SEVERE muscle weakness( like a drop attack), I havew gut issues(gastroparesis) that is from neuorpathy(fullness constipation diarrea),i get it all..some is due to mitochondrial some is due to Dysautonomia..noone really knows. I also had swallowing difficulties that have come and gone.. i used to get the burining sensation in my nose(lol..I am sure you all remember)

That is all i can think of to describe it a numb feeling with tinglies and all kinds of weird stuff..the only thing I know they treat it with which I do not take is Neurontin..not sure what eelse I think Lyrica.

hope this helps...

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