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My Westie


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I have gotten several pm's from people here about my westie, Chloe.

She has had health problems since she was about 6 months old. A few months ago they finally discovered Addison's. She kept looking like pancreatitis, so they kept getting thrown off. They did an ultasound and discovered she had virtually no adrenal glands on either side. She has been on medications, but never did perk up like she should have. It was an unusual type.

She has been failing for the last couple of weeks, so we made the excruciating decision of easing her out of this life and into the next, where there is no pain or illness and lots of friends to play with, and the energy to do it.

I am having quite a terrible time with this. She wasn't even 3. We got flowers from the vet already, they were all crying along with my son and I. All knew my baby very well, from her frequent visits.

Anyway, for those that commented to me, I appreciate it, she was an angel. And my baby. You can see her on my avatar as she should have always been, laughing and rolling in the grass, loving life.....morgan

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Morgan, I'm so sorry, I just got tears in my eyes thinking of you and your baby... I know how hard it is for you right now; I still haven't gotten over losing my Jeri last September. Those who aren't pet people just don't seem to understand the happiness that those little beings bring to daily life.

Hugs, Nina

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Oh, Morgan, I am so sorry about your loss. I lost my Molly a year ago last May. She was my best friend. I understand how hard this is. Molly was my husband's and my child together. Please know you're in my heart right now and am here if you need a shoulder.

Hugs to you and your family,


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So so sorry Morgan,thinking of you,Hugs Pat

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i'm so very sorry morgan...i know she meant the world to you. we just said goodbye to our cat of 16yrs last week but when they're young and/or especially close to you it is all that much harder. (my czar is my best buddy & i can't imagine being without him.)

love & hugs,


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My heart just breaks for you, Morgan. I have a Westie also, about the same age and it would be terrible for me to let go :) I hope that you can find joy in the time you did have with her, those memories will always live on. and maybe when you are ready you can get another westie b/c they are wonderful dogs

(((( HUGS))))))


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Oh, Morgan...I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved Chloe, the Westie. Carrie, my Westie, sends you hugs and licks. I know Chloe suffered so. We had a beloved Schnauzer, Christie, who died at a very young age from the same disease as your Chloe. At one time, Christie was taking .2 of florinef every day. I shared mine with her.

We also made the most difficult decision to end Christie's suffering. We thought long and hard as I am sure you did as well. It came at a time when I had just gotten home from the hospital after a 2-week stay. That weekend, we got another pup--our Carrie. It made all the difference. I couldn't stand not hearing the pitter patter of little doggie paws. I know a new doggie cannot replace Chloe, but a pup can help fill the void.

We can only think that Christie and Chloe are frolicking with the angels, and maybe even telling tales about their mommas.

Hugs to you, Morgan!


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Hello my dear mammamorgancluck,

I think since I am in chit-chat forum and I know that you believe in God I am able to say this....

I logged on earlier this afternoon and saw the title 'Westie' and my heart did this little sinking feeling and I did that thing where you suck in your breath for a moment and say to yourself 'Oh no.'

I immediately began to fear for both you and Lois--the two people on the board I know with beloved Westies.

I rarely get to log on or post on DINET these days, and it just so happened that your post was at the 'top' so I saw it first. I felt somehow it was God's perfect timing that I had logged on so I would know what you are going through.

I am so very sorry about Chloe. I've hear so many stories about her over the past three years and I know how much she was your baby. I just feel like you have enough already on your plate, this loss is just so much harder.

Your picture of her romping in heaven was beautiful. Maybe my former pooches are up there with her too and with Lois's Christie!

I cannot be without a dog. I know a lot of non-pet owners can't understand that, but I just have to have that pitter patter that Lois described. My dad makes me cry when he tells me how important a dog is for my healing and my well-being and that he won't let me be without one. They are such blessing.

I know Chloe suffered so much...and I know she is in a better place, but it also does not make your loss less. You did so much for her and fought so hard for that little sweetie.

Much love,


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Guest sonotech


I am so sorry. Our pets are part of the family and it is hard to deal with such a loss. I hope you are coping ok, and I am sure your precious baby is so much hapier now.

Allow yourself to grieve and know that your friends are here for you for any support you need!

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Thank you all for your sweet and much appreciated responses. This has been very very difficult for me. I never realized just how much a part of my life she was, until she wasn't here.

I miss her barking, hogging the bed, the way she talked to us (you will understand that Lois and bananas) the way she pretended not to be looking at me when she was begging for scraps. And her smile, she really did smile. But I do know she was suffering and I am positive she is now romping as a westie should, full of energy and spunk and stubborness.

I have tentatively started looking for a new dog, as I am so lonely without that companionship. She was the only company I had all day and usually in the evenings. It is too quiet and too lonesome without a furry friend. I know our pets understand this. There is guilt, but there are so many babies out there to love and that will love you back. And they need homes and security.

So, we will see what happens...but again, thank you all for helping me through this very rough time......morgan

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Hey Morgan.

It's only NATURAL to miss your buddy so much. Our pets are OUR children.

I have always adopted pets from places and it's sad if they do not live many many years but I decided years ago, when getting cats with NO HISTORY or paperwork, to think of them as "AIDS babies"

If they come with health challenges we only discover AFTER we fall in love with them, make them as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

It's heartbreaking to make the decisions to put them out of their misery (been there done that, felt horrible but animal no longer suffering)

Be kind to yourself and find a nice laid back doggie from a rescue center. Though its so HARD to go into those places and just pick ONE!!

What is that saying from the Talmud I think it's called in the Jewish Faith "when you save one, you help save the world" ? I think Dr. Grubb uses that quote at the end of his POTS talk on the NDRF tapes.

Good luck finding another baby!!!

xoxo to you

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