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Somebody Get Me An Umbrella..

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As if the world wasn't against me already, i've been denied my medical insurance through the state. They told me that because my doctor put that I can work part-time on my paperwork, that I'm not qualified to get the disability health insurance through the state, that I was on before. Here's the question....

Where I am to find health insurance? I surely can't find it through an employer, since I can't work the full time hours. My mom is unable to put me on hers because I have to be a full time student. And the state has denied me. If anyone has an ideas where I should go from here, please let me know. I wasn't expecting the denial and my medications run out next wk..And I'm out of funds.

I need a miracle.

PLUS...the cc company wants all there money by nxt wk or they're taking me to court.

i can't even afford court, i spent all my money trying to get better.

ahhhh...thanks for listening to me vent, i'm going back to bed before anything else can go wrong


ps. is it normal to have a tingling sensation in your legs often, along with numbness and goose bumps?!?

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tingling and goose bumps are a known and common side effect midodrine.

as for your insurance situation, not sure what to tell you on that--you might need a disability lawyer to help you out.


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Hi Nicole-

If you are a part-time student, you may be eligible to receive services from the university's health care system at the school where you are attending. Check into that. I have a few other ideas I'll look into.


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Julie~ thanks for your input. i'm actually not in school at all right now, not since I got sick.

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Nicole,I want to let you know I care and I am praying for you,Pat

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Nicole...is it health insurance you are looking for, or disability insurance? I believe it is health, so I will answer as such. You can purchase an individual policy...this is not through a parent, employer, state, or college. It's an individual plan with you and the insurance company directly. Almost all carriers offer these plans. The downside is the deductibles or the monthly premiums can be pricey...but it's better than not having health insurance at all. I have individual health insurance. Go to www.ehealthinsurance.com and you can compare companies, prices, and even get their AM Best rating, etc. You can even sign up for the policy online there.

Hopefully that will help you!

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nicole -

just wanted to let you know that i'm listening & am sending some hugs, good thoughts, & prayers your way. the insurance issue is one that i came very close to having to deal with myself this year so know that it's a scary place to be.

there are a lot of states with prescription assistance programs that aren't as strict with eligibility so that may be something to look into, at least while you explore more comprehensive options. obviously it's not the only issue but help with med costs would be better than nothing.

and lauren -

depending on state legislation, it's not always possible for someone to get an individual insurance policy, aka companies can refuse to take someone on. and/or the premiums may be SO outrageous, aka $100,000 a month (yes, i know someone who had this proposed to him) that it's pretty much the same. and in some states that do mandate open registration periods it's limited to a certain month during the year, the first (insert number) people, etc. obviously it never hurts to look into any possible option, but just wanted to let you know that it's not always a possibility.

i know it's easier said than done at times like this nicole, but hang in there the best you can. i wish i had better info to offer you...

B) melissa

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