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Saturday 14th I'm Being Interviewed On Live Radio


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Hello all.....................I've just heard that I am to be interviewed on PLYMOUTH SOUND RADIO on this Saturday 14th July at my show for children.

I cannot say what time , but its between 10 am and 5.30pm GMT , the radio station is on the net so you can log into it and possible if you put in the words A Magical Place interview it should come up .

Now , you know me ................... :P and I'm not going to do a 'this is my show , its for the children , I collect money for them '............................oh, definitely no. :)

I will be the shopkeeper and all others unless they prove otherwise everyone else is a muggle...................be prepared to muggles to see what fun I can do :P

Marks just called me from the back garden to say the trailer has arrived to take my show stuff for me tomorrow ...........I expected a small metal thing with a cover on it ................NOPE :) a huge white sort of half caravan trailer is now sitting behind our wall in the back field....................OMG ....................its going to happen ...............must keep calm as I know I'll flip again ................send calming thoughts to me guys as I'm about to hit the Hoe on Saturday and bring magic to life.

Oh, yes.................I'm to have my own A Magical Place web site in the next year :P and .............wait for this one .............there is talk of me making a DVD of myself reading the story of my show ( how it came to be with me ) with an owl on my shoulder a cat on my lap and a dragon sitting with his head on my lap listening ..............while the show ,all set up is brought into the DVD when I talk about the birds, animals and other things within it .............for small muggles to buy for the charity .

This was talked about last night at a meeting of one of my biggest fan's ....................yes , I've got fan's .................... :P

So , calm am I ( NO ) excited am I ..............you bet .

Bye for now willows ( ami or whoever I am at this time as I've forgotten :P

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Sorry I've been so long getting back to you all , but things are very hectic here at this time .

The event went really well , I had 9 lads aged between 15-16 working for me on the show , sort of security come helpers , and they did look really good and work hard , even in the incredible heat we had.

The local radio station came round and I just nattered on as per usual in my own happy fashion about the show, why I do it and just how hard it is at times trying to build things when I'm tired , sore and stiff fingered , but as they could see I still do it .

The young lady who interviewed me was struck by the amount of magical things I had in my marquee and said that she thought at nighttime with all the lights down low it must look really good , which of course it does.

So , I eventually shut up shop at 5 pm and then tried to pack up the show :( but for the hours I had been playing the owl and shop keeper my adrenaline must have been running fast and full , when I stopped for a couple of minutes to rest . OMG it was like being hit by a solid plank of pain , exhaustion and heart beats that kept going up and down with waves of sickness. :blink:

Luckily a couple of the guys saw me suddenly take a nose dive :( and I was quickly propelled and half dragged onto a chair whilst the crew , some other shop helpers , hubby , my boss Judy ,Dave and his wife Claire ( who are now working with me on the show full time ) packed everything up and took the marquee down etc.

The out come of this was .................. :P Dave is now about to build me a small size ( to my own specifications )

Hogwarts Castle

that we can put up and take down at any event we want to go to , about 30 foot x 30 foot in size with leaded high shaped windows and doors that have those huge metal hinges on and metal work all over , turrets on 2 of the corners which will be about 5 feet high with windows cut into them and of course an owl looking out of a couple of them , along with a high roof so I can have a cross beam inside with a largish chandelier hanging down .

It has taken some imagination and drawing on my part I can tell you, so when Dave has made it and the crew have painted it black inside with sort of wall tiles on , and then what looks like stone outside with assorted plants and stuff growing up a couple of sides I'm hoping that it will look rather good and be so much better than a flimsy white marquee !

Next year because of all the charity work I have done for so many large charities in the past 30 odd years I am to be chairman of the 2008 Plymouth Hoe charity challenge :o and as we speak I'm sorting out the teams letter which is to go out about the new committee I have formed .

So its all go here guys, I keep getting calls from people who are working for me now , saying dont do to much Ami as we need you , and why are you emailing me at 3 am in the morning GO TO BED.............ha , that would be nice , sleep at night would be wonderful , but then , we all cant have everything we wish for in life can we, so I'm happy to trundling along cat napping when I can get a few hours without pain and working on my charity things when I'm awake and feeling rather .....blur :angry: ..............I'm building Fawkes the phoenix at the minute , next its Hegwig and then some other bits and bobs of stuff.

On the 24th I will be at Oakhampton museum doing a charity event with my show for the hospice , so if your about come and say hello .

Well bye for now as my neck, shoulders and arms are killing me for some reason and we have Dave and Claire coming for tea soon , so I'd better have a rest until then as I made a huge iced lemon drizzles cake with lemon curd & cream filling , a whole load of individual strawberry and raspberry tart-lets and a pile of ( my home made bread ) egg mayo and ham sandwiches for tea ................tea's at 5.30 see you here then shall I ?????

Lots of love to all AMI .

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