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Doc Trying To Link My Sugar Problems With Pots

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Hi, all,

Lately, my sugars have been going into either the 300's after I eat, or won't budge at all. I'm all messed up. My CCF endo adamently states I am not diabetic, and he's done the blood tests to prove it. I trust him. But, he does acknowledge that something is messing with my sugars. Could it be the pancreatitis I just had?

One of my gastro docs, on the other hand, is blaming POTS. I think POTS has turned into a catch all, not unlike CFS and fibromyalgia. Anyone else have problems regulating their sugars, not have diabetes, and their docs say it's from POTS?



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Hey Linda

I dont know if you care or if this is really relavent to you, but after my grandfather (who just passed away 2 weeks ago) got diabetes after having pancreatitis. You said the test show no diabetes, but since it caused that for him your sugar problems might still be from that.

Good luck!

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I've not heard of a link between POTS and high sugars but that doesn't mean there isn't one. I would have thought that the recent pancreatitis would be a more likely cause. Have you had the blood tests for diabetes rechecked since you had the pancreatitis?

There are other "pre-diabetes" problems such as impaired fasting glycaemia (high sugars after a fast but normal response to oral glucose loading) and impaired glucose tolerance (highish sugars after oral glucose loading but normal fasting glucose levels). I presume you are testing your blood sugars yourself at home? Has your machine been checked and calibrated with the proper test solution?

Are you on any meds that can cause high sugars such as steroids?

I'd note down your sugars both before and after eating and keep a food journal and then take the info to your endocrinologist to see what they make of it all.

POTS certainly seems to mess up all sorts of things in our bodies but don't let doctors brush things off as "just the POTS" without first checking out other possible causes.


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