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Earth Dragon


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has anyone tried Earth Dragon by allegy research group? its supposed to help balance out the autonomic nervous system, but not sure how, and did it help and how long did you take it? i just took one and got a terrible different kind of headache which i was not expecting! thanks for any info


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hi radha -

i don't intend to sound harsh, but if this supplement really did help the autonomic nervous system, some of the autonomic docs and/or at least people here on the forum would be aware of it. please be careful about herbs & other supplements; just b/c they're advertised as "natural" doesn't make them any less likely to cause problems, side effects, interactions with other meds, etc. and online companies that sell their own special supplements, no matter how official they may sound, are primarily trying to make a profit. the info they may give may or may not have any kind of merit to it & it can difficult to sort out fact from fiction. generally speaking though if the info/ advice is available only on the site selling the product it should raise red flags. you may want to check out this link: http://www.quackwatch.com/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/herbs.html.

and gayla, it appears that it's something derived from worms themselves. can't say that's something i'd be up for trying without a lot of proven research.

i hope your headache is better radha. personally i wouldn't take any more of the supplement. or at the very least would want a doctor's support.

B) melissa

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What is it supposed to help with?

The name of the company says Allergy Group, but it looks like the supplement itself is made as a digestive aid.

Atractylodes Alba is the latin name for the chinese bai zhu and is used, I think, for constipation and as a general detoxer. However, Bai Zhu should not be taken by people deficient in yin. While yin is kinda tough to explain, it's safe to say that POTS people are pretty yin deficient, making this a bad herb for us.

Poria cocos is called Fu Ling and is the asian verison of the truffle. It's a qi tonic so I imagine it's pretty mild on side effects of any sort, but you might want to try some small isolate dosages of it first, as opposed to something bundled with a bunch of other herbs.

Sweetflag, is another one I would be wary of. I think it's called Shi Chang Pu. It should be avoided by yin deficients and I think is actualy a stimulant. It's a pretty controversial herb if I recall although it would look really great planted in the marshy area in front of my patio.

Lumbricus rubellus is what I call the red wiggler worm. I've got a bunch of them in a box right now happily munching on food scraps. These guys are wonderful little bundles full of nutrients and would probably make a great supplement. Heck even their poop is super valuable. They'd be perfectly safe to consume, althought I've never heard of them having a use other than nutritional support.

Unlike here in America, herbs have been pretty thoroughly researched in China. But if you were going to try some "chinese" herbs I wouldn't do so without first seeing a chinese doctor who knows about and fully understands your health problems.

Random supplements have a chance of wreaking havoc on a perfectly healthy system. Sickies like us are almost guaranteed to have a bad outcome, especially since so many herbs are put in to "add energy and promote blood circulation".

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