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So I finally had to schedule the cystoscopy for my bladder issues. I've been putting it off as I am a whiney baby weenie when it comes to procedures like this. B)

The Urologist is leaning towards a possible IC diagnosis for me...Yay...another chronic condition! As some of you may have read several weeks ago I opted not to do the potassium sensativity tests as whiney baby weenie me felt if I was going to have to have the cysto ANYWAY there was no reason to put myself through anymore potential pain. So, I've got the cysto set for Friday Aug. 3rd...yikes that's coming up soon...only like 3 weeks away. I will be having the procedure at the hospital in the OR under sedation. I asked my POTS specialist if this was okay and he said whenever a doc offers to sedate you for a procedure you should take the sedation...so I'm doing it. Not that it doesn't make me nervous...but the idea of a camera traveling through my urethra into my bladder trumps my nerves...I want to be OUT when that happens!! The Uro said he doesn't know if he'll do the hydrodistention or not and will decide once he's in my bladder...so I won't know how much recovery time I'll have until I'm fully awake. I've heard the hydro. can cause some lingering discomfort so I'm trying to mentally prepare for that. I know that several of you have been through this before and I'm using that fact to give myself courage!!

I just wish that all these diagnositic tests weren't so unpleasent. I mean why can't we have tests that involve eating chocolate and getting our feet rubbed? :) Nothing scary about that...unless you're ticklish!

Take care my friends...hugs and love to you all!!

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i had a cystoscopy a several years back (perhaps 3?) without sedation & it wasn't all that bad. i wouldn't say it was without discomfort entirely nor was it something i'd call fun, but it doesn't come close to making my list of "worst tests/ procedures i've had". but i may not be the best one to compare notes with in that regard B) . over the years whenever i've had the option of with or without sedation i've chosen without, though part of the issue for me was not wanting to need recovery time from the drugs, be able to drive myself to & from the appt. i'm not able to drive or go anywhere on my own these days anyway so in that regard it wouldn't matter so much to me.

i had the testing done when i stopped being able to empty my bladder just to make sure there was nothing structural going on although everyone was all but certain that it was a neurological problem for me (part of my progressive neuropathy). it was done in addition to urodynamic testing to confirm the diagnosis of a neurogenic bladder. the cystoscopy did show that the problem (retention) wasn't something new but rather that it had just progressed to the point of being something i noticed (aka when i stopped being able to go to the bathroom at all).

congrats on getting things scheduled...before you know it ill will be over & done with!

:) melissa

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So sorry to hear you have bladder probs. I have pots and IC. I was diagnosed with IC almost 20 years ago. I was in remission for over 12 years. When pots appeared this year it only took a few months before IC reared its ugly head. I was slammed with both of them and am trying to get a handle on life with two chronic illnesses. For me I think a lot of the problem was hormones. or lack of! I had a hyster but kept my ovaries so no one thought to check my hormones. By the time I was so sick this winter I was totally in menopause and probably my ovaires never functioned after the lupron I took pre surgery. So if you are at all in the menopause years you might want to check out the connection between estrogen and IC as well as its relationship to pots. Check out the IC-Network website and also IChelp. Google them. There is lots of info out there. I wish someone one with these illnesses would live near me so I would have someone to commiserate with!!! In person!! Hang in there!

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