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Question reguarding POTS


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Yep, that's a very familiar feeling. When I was very young, I even had a hard time holding my spoon to pick up my cereal once a managed to get out of bed and get to breakfast.

Nina :(

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I used to get that feeling especially in the early stages. I also can get that feeling due to low potassium levels occasionally. Usually it is all over but sometimes I have thought it was just POTS and when I have my potasium level checked it is low. I take florinef so I have to be careful. Just thought I'd throw that in should you also take florinef.

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I know exactly what you mean- but this happens to me more later in the day, when I start to get tired. I just look at something and think UGGHHH I can't even move to reach over and get that!!

I feel like my limbs weigh a thousand pounds sometimes- just another lovely POTS thing I suppose . . .

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