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I have asthma and hayfever with POTS. I have had the hayfever since I was a child and asthma was diagnosed when I was 18. I find that when my asthma is bad and I have to use lots of salbutamol that is makes my tachy and POTS worse.

Also if my hayfever isn't controlled the allergies cause my POTS to flare really badly. The last 2 summers I have had to take steroids (prednisolone) to keep my hayfever under control. This year I am taking a different combination of meds and hoping to avoid the steroids.

Flop's asthma meds: Salbutamol inhaler as needed, Seretide inhaler twice daily (fluticasone + salmeterol).

Flop's hayfever meds: Acrivastine 8mg 3/day (non-sedating antihistamine), Cromoglycate nasal spray 2/day, Cromoglycate eye drops 4/day, Ranitidine 150mg 2/day, Singulair 10mg night-time.

I notice from your signature that you take Singulair and Spireva - these are both asthma / respiratory meds. How long have you been on them? Where they started for your asthma or for something else?


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Hi Jaquirouin-

I have both Asthma and POTS (and EDS III). I take Maxair and Xopenex for occasional flares (usually when I'm sick). According to my pulmonologist I've probably had asthma for years but I didn't have my first asthma attack until my freshman year of college. Apparently my lung volume can drop by half and I don't even notice :blink: . Are you going to be having a methocholine challenge test? This is how I was diagnosed with Asthma. They give you inhaled medicine that only constricts you if you are asthmatic. I find that albuterol makes me way too tachycardic to be functional, but the xopenex, which is a slightly different shaped form of albuterol, opens my airways without causing my heart to go spastic. I know that I can't speak for everyone here, but personally I find the asthma to be easier to manage than the POTS.


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