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My Dr. rx'd Zyrtek.to combat some side effects of an antibiotic,I took for bronchitis. The information I received with the medication,says you should not take if you take ambein and lopressor,which I do take.I called about ambein,he said take the Zyrtek for 7 days and don,t take the ambein,I did not read about the lopressor til now.

Your experience with Zyrtek would be appreciated Pat

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hi pat -

i've taken it at times when my allergies are particularly bad, when i've been fighting hives, etc. the only side effect i had was a bit of drowsiness (on top of my "normal" fatigue). my doctor anticipated this and since i already took daily allergy meds every morning (allegra or clarinex...can't recall which i was on at the time) it was suggested that i take the zyrtec in the evening at least until i knew how i reacted to it. i did this and other than perhaps drifting to sleep a bit earlier at times had no trouble with it. the drowsiness was noticable but not horrible by any means. i also had the okay to take it at other times (i.e. during the day) which i did on occassion over the years and there were times when i couldn't even notice the drowsiness so perhaps my body got used to it.

i have not taken lopressor but did take ambien for a short time, though never at the same time as the zyrtec. perhaps if you get some drowsiness from the zyrtec it will help you sleep wise as well, though this would be more likely if you take it at night. i would certainly ask either your pharmacist or doctor about the lopressor though. warnings against combinations of certain meds can range from things that simply may cause an annoying side effect or a duplicate effect (i.e. the zyrtec & ambien warning may "just" be b/c of the potential for super sleepiness) to things that are in fact extremely dangerous so i'd run it by someone just to be safe.

hope this helps & that the zyrtec goes well for you,

B) melissa

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