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Colonoscopy Went Well...

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The prep was very doable - I only had to drink 2 of the 4 liters thanks to Deb's (Morgan617) advice!! She gave me lots of great tips for the prep and it wasn't bad at all. Seriously. Two years ago when I had to do a prep, I was crying and everything. This time it was cake.

Sedation went well. I was not awake during the procedure. No heart rate or blood pressure problems. No pain or cramping afterwards. No bleeding in the colon or stomach. Did a biopsy of my small intestine to see why my body is not absorbing iron (I'm assuming he was testing for Celiac). Will get the results in a few days.

Thanks for all of the advice and well wishes!!

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glad to hear things went as well as they did on every end (pun intended B) ). hopefully you'll get an easy-to-treat/ remedy answer the the unanswered questions to add to the success.

:( melissa

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Hi Jennifer,

I'm glad the test went well and you had no problems with the sedation. Hopefully you're already back to your usual self but if not give your body a good rest and eat well while you recover. Let us know how things go at your follow up.


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